Sunday, June 23, 2024

My Little Flower Bloom at The Beautiful Place


I had a little seed...

I'm planting my little seed at there, a beautiful place. A place that full of cherish. A place where the energy was so calming and welcoming. That place save her to be scramble but slowly bloom at the same time. My little flower, my soul flower growing day by day. With butterflies and birds around. Making mistakes and learning from them. Invisible but sweet. I'm mostly happy to see her. I knew one day, she could bloom well.

At the right time, when she has truly grown perfectly, she will brings more joy and she will have her own beauty.

Hey you ! Make sure there's enough water, light and warmth when you want to grow up together with my little flower 😊

Monday, May 27, 2024

Deeply Journey and The Beautiful Lesson I Learned from Memorizing The Qur'an

                                        بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

It's been a year since I accompanied my daughter started on Qur'an memorization. 

One day, there was an announcement from school. About the students who passed the selection & could be a part of a special class. Surprisingly Diba's name was there. I'm in the mix feeling between happy and scare. Not because she's not incapable, but I know there's a huge responsibility waiting for me. It was not as simple as it seems. It's not an easy thing. But, I truly believe, The Most Greatest has brought us to this moment, to this time, for the best reasons.

Before Tahfidz Class

Well, she had attended to Tahfidz Class three times a week. It started before the regular class. She's always tried to get up early. Always excited to go to school early. Her competitive soul always in the air 🔥 Before going to school, she's repeat the memorization while breakfast. Sometimes, when she plays alone, I heard the Qur'an from her lips. 

Almost everyday, I was connected with her teacher. The teacher made some rules at the beginning, he made schedule for Juz Amma memorization, he wrote out some progress and set a goal for Diba for every week. He's not only teach them about memorizing but also about Tajweed and Tahsin. It was also the beginning of my memorization journey. A deeply journey. A quiet journey 🙂

Jayyid Jiddan

It doesn't always go easily. Full of ups and downs. She couldn't read the Qur'an with herself. She just starting Iqro in the level of 2. As a kid, she has her own moods. There's a time she's only want to quiet and doing nothing. She often stuck only one verse a day. Me too, I have my own moods. With tears in my eyes and a heart explode with some emotions. I ask Allah SWT to help me always, to calm my soul, to give me strong, everyday. I just tried my best to create a comfortable and happy environment for us.

After Ashar or Subuh, she would repeat everything she had memorize previously and then she's trying to the next Surah. She listen to the voice records. But, most of the times, she always wanted to hear directly from her mom's lips. So I struggle to progress my memorization. You know what, remove the distraction is so hard. So I would recite over the entire Surah carefully and attention to the detail. And then I read up the translation. I repeat over and over again till I was comfortable and confidence. Until It was memorize. 

Now I understand, it's not just about memorizing but it's about the relationship with Allah SWT. It's about understand the knowledge. It's about avoid careless mistakes. It's about maintaining positive behaviors and verbal expression. When someday I lose my motivation or angry or too busy with this world, I feel too difficult make a time with Qur'an. I often cry in silent when I turned to Allah SWT with a desperate heart "ya Allah... help me be more connected to your Qur'an to support Diba's memorization".  

Beautiful than that. It's also about something magical. I tried to recite the verses I memorize in my daily prayers. I would begin the memorization in 2 raka'at of Tahajjud and 2 raka'at of Dhuha. I don't know, every time I succeed to memorize more verses, I felt such peacefulness that I had never felt before. There have been so many times, when I need an instruction on my prayers, surprisingly I found this verse that felt like " oh... this is the answer". It was like for me, like my circumstance at those time. This was the answer when we had our difficult times, on August 2020 😇

An-Naba' is the first Surah that memorized by her. The first Surah in Juz Amma. It's means a big news. The hereafter has been so frequently repeated in this Surah. Diba's taking a longer time to memorize this Surah. About a month. Continued with An-Nazi'at, Abasa, and shorts surah from Qur'an (Ad-Dhuha, A-Tiin, Al-Alaq, Al-Qadr, Al-Bayinah, Al-Adiyat, Al-Qoriah, Al-Asr, Al-Humazah, Al-Fiil, Quraisy, Al-Ma'un, Al-Kafirun, An-Nasr, Al-IKlas, Al-Falaq, An-Nass). She shows a good progress everyday. 

But, it's not about her own skill. It's a gift from Allah SWT for each verse she's memorize. Allah SWT knows the best time when she's ready to receive those gift. 

And after a year, at the May of 17, she's officially a graduate !

Tahfidz Graduation of KB TK Islam Al-A'raaf

The Holy Qur’an give us more strong message to remember. It will guidance us to the right path. It will give us transparency about our du'a. It will give us calmness. It will bright our ways and give peace for our soul. In happy and hard times.

I remembered the teacher always says to never stop learning, memorizing and contemplating The Qur'an. It never be long term save in mind without constant review over time.

Jazakumullahu khairan katsiran, KB TK Islam Al-A'raaf. Ust Herna & Ust Yuli in Class of A3. Especially The Tahfidz Qur'an mentor Ustad Ibnu. Thank you for the opportunity. Thanks for making learning in Tahfidz Class so enjoyable. Thank you for being a dedicated mentor in every way. We appreciate all the time and effort you have put into the Tahfidz Class. May Allah SWT be with you at every step you take, guide you in any decision you make, bless you with all success health and happiness.

This is just the beginning, Diba. Thank you for your effort to memorize the Surah in The Qur’an as best as you can and still be happy. May Allah SWT always grant you big love for The Qur'an, keep your memories, makes you a person loved by Allah SWT and still give you a happy time to learn Qur'an. Allahumma bariik ~

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Liwetan for Blessings


One day, one of my friend invited me to her home for breakfast. I'm blessed. I was enjoyed to come because this is a new thing for me. This is the second time liwetan dining experience in my life. You know another makes me excited about it ?  Yes ! I start my day with an empty stomach (which is... never !) 😋

Liwet Sunda

On that day, I came to my friend's home not too early but also not too late. So I have a little time to play with her baby girl.

When all friends gather, we immediately sit on the floor to prepare a spread of dishes that served on banana leaves. The rice is placed in the center with several kind of dishes like lettuce, hard-boiled eggs, fried chicken, sayur asem, tempe tahu, fried salted fish and sambal. All arranged around it on the same plate. The breakfast was beautifully provided. Allahumma barik 

While enjoying our breakfast, we engage in conversation. The conversation & the time around the 'table' was the glue : keeps us connected even we don't do it often enough.

We enjoy an atmosphere of giving and helping. We share anything about life, about our kids & about co-parenting. Data transfer, check ! 

The best part is it give me more power. It was re-energizing. I feel receiving the fullness of its blessing for enjoyment even we do it at home in a simple way. I appreciated those times 😊

Monday, May 20, 2024

Nyah Lemu, The Prettiest & Classical Coffee Cafe in Surakarta


It's nice weather 💛 What could be cheerier than combining my morning cup of hot chocolate with the smell of freshly srikaya bread ? 

Hot Chocolate

I Love You So Matchaaa

Like it's name. In the Javanese language, Nyah Lemu means Ibu bertubuh besar. But, in my perspective, Nyah Lemu is symbolized by different lexicon. It's not mean a woman with big size of body but it's means a woman who's respected.

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Like all mothers, Nyah Lemu is all things to everyone. Students, professionals, entrepreneur or cheerful mom. Doing work, reading for pleasure, or simply enjoying a moment. Every corner really feels like grandmom's home. Such a welcoming environment is an appropriate place for the remote employees because this place have work-from-home vibes. Like what I see, some people seat beside the barista table to focus on his laptop with his cup of coffee. While I prefer to sit inside the area of Nyah Lemu. 

I've been twice so far but at this time I'm here with A3's Moms for regular monthly meeting 😉

💗 Nyah Lemu 💗

Open Daily  : 7 am until 8 pm

Address       : Jalan Dr. Sutomo no. 20, Penumping, Laweyan, Solo

Instagram    : nyahlemu

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Socielle Espresso & Dine, Introvert Friendly Cafe in The Midtown of Surakarta


For me, nothing beats a quiet family day at home 😊

Even I really love staying at home, sometimes hangout and be around other people isn't a bad idea. Just want to feel a different atmosphere for a moment. Go to the local coffee shop or cafe, find a seat with the most comfortable view, just sit there, get comfy and observe everything around. Sit alone, in a bubble. 

It's nice to know a place where I can at "I don't want to talk to anyone" mode.

Socielle Espresso & Dine. Cleanliness is their first thing : the floor free from crumbs & the restroom are spotless. It's a nice place to eat and socialize. The space is airy and minimalistic. Have an adequate level of lighting, not too much or too little. You can see the wide window that let in a steady stream of light. Simple but beautiful.

I've been sitting at this cafe for two hours. The waitstaff is attentive but not too attentive, so I've done plenty of brainstorming here. Just taking a break, doing nothing and that's okey. It was my first time exploring this cafe but it's enough to refill my cup of energy. And from my short time here, I know this is my ideal kind of cafe.  I'll be back to explore some more.

I really appreciate place that offer good food and good vibes 💓

(Interesting Article to Read : Nyah Lemu)

My favorite table near the window

💓 Socielle Espresso & Dine 💓

Open Daily : 9 am - 11 pm

Address      : Jalan Moh. Yamin, Tipes, Surakarta

Instagram    :

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Teman Terbaik Bagi Diri Sendiri

Bintang di tangan, oleh-oleh kecil dari Ustadzah sepulang sekolah 


Faradiba... anak ayah dan ibu yang teduh hatinya

Diba harus tau. Betul bahwa setiap manusia punya hak untuk hidup dalam kebebasan, nak. Sebab, sebagai manusia, dalam beberapa hal, kita pasti menginginkan kebebasan. Bebas bicara, bebas mengutarakan isi kepala, bebas menampilkan kepingan-kepingan terbaik hidup.

Padahal, yang sering terlupa, kebebasan kita seringkali bersinggungan dengan kebebasan manusia lain.

Maka, belajarlah berani untuk jujur pada diri sendiri, ya. Apa yang membuat Diba nyaman dan tidak. Belajarlah untuk tidak mengusik batasan-batasan yang dibuat manusia lain. Belajarlah untuk mengendalikan diri. Belajar juga untuk terus selaras dengan batasan-batasan yang Diba buat sendiri.

Tak perlu merasa bersalah saat disatu waktu Diba memilih untuk berjalan sendiri. Sebab sendiri tak berarti sepi. Tak mengapa memberi jarak dengan orang-orang tertentu jika itu membuat Diba merasa tenang. Tersimpul boleh tapi jangan sampai terikat mati. Banyak-banyaklah mencipta ruang dan batas. Ruang dan batas yang tidak terlampau keras, tapi juga tidak lemah. Agar Diba lebih banyak mendengar sunyinya kebenaran di hati.  

Jagalah kebebasan Diba dengan batasan-batasan yang selalu menuntun Diba kembali. Agar Diba tetap berani melangkah bersama banyak kebaikan. Agar Diba tetap nyaman melihat dan mendengar riuh hidup manusia lain, tapi Diba tetap punya kendali penuh atas apa yang ingin Diba bagi atau simpan sendiri.

Jadilah teman terbaik bagi diri Diba sendiri, ya. Agar Diba tak perlu bergantung pada hati manusia lain yang sama lemahnya seperti hati kita. 

Ayah dan Ibu mungkin tak selalu bisa menemani Diba. Tapi, selalu ada Allah yang akan terus menemani Diba. Yang akan selalu memenuhi ruang di hati Diba. Selamanya ~

Love, ibuk 🌹