Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Living, Loving, and Working at Home (when Quarantine) would be a Breeze for an Introvert

After few months of increasing anxiety about how dangerous Covid-19 was, the trill of staying at home where we safe and able work on assignment, made me believe that quarantine is the same meaning of much-needed break from everyday fast-paced and energetic routine. Especially for him. Even I know he felt a mixture of excitement and worry, lol

Well... from the first month of quarantine on March, the academy announcing the cancellation of all in-person classes, his work responsibility transitioned to an online format. Virtual discussion with his workmate or his students on WA chat, made of recorded lectures and then publish the files on the website. So far, it's easy enough for him.

Me ? I haven't had a problem not leaving the home, lol. So, as usual, I cleaned our pavilion everyday, I make our room feel extra cozy, I've created mini private kitchen behind our room, cooking sometimes, re-read my favorite book, all of tracks on Kenny G were unlocked and of course write on my personal blog.

Home used to be the place where we could recharge energy with solitude activity ~

Until someday, my extroverted friend decided to break the rules and go physically to see me. Tell me about how this pandemic forced her to stay at home for months even she has a beautiful pantry at home. Tell me about how her kids struggling with their online classes even every corner of her home connecting with Wi-Fi. It makes me think, why she need for interaction was so great, when it felt like she'd already found a way to handle it personally (?)

No, no. I'm not anti-social. I'm not shy, lol. I do enjoy social interaction too. Me personally just love to be a small part of a big conversation. Have no trouble to get more experience the outside world, I'm fine with it. Relax in a bookstore or coffee shop, to find a sense of normalcy again. But only by myself. Truly alone. Not in the same way that my extroverted friend do :)

It's made me realized that every personality (introvert, extrovert, or something between them), struggle with anxiety and processes it differently.

Not everyone is privileged enough to stay at home all along day and not everyone know how to best stay in touch with their friend online.  

Maybe an introvert doesn't always stay calm in difficult times and an extrovert could appreciate moment of quarantine.

But I think, living, loving, and working at home still would be a breeze for an Introvert :)