Friday, September 16, 2016

Visit a Sunday Market - Surabaya Town Square

Everyone loves to find vintage clothes and accesories to wear or unique furniture to decorate their room. And why something unique and vintage become so popular ??? Because it's more fun when we shop, nobody else owns or can wear the same. And it's only to be found at The Vintage Store or Thrift-Store. (You must also read Pasar Barang Antik Triwindu Solo )

  • There's an awesome and display of everybody's favourite.
  • The clothes are well organized and divided by decade and size.
  • We'll see vintage pieces mixed in with the name brands.
  • We could get a piece of decent quality at there more cheaper than what we had pay for the same at the big store.
  • If we lucky, we'll find great deals on shoes that look almost new.

Actually I didn't almost all my shopping at The Vintage Store or Thrift-Store even I realized that sometimes the stuffs from The Vintage Store or Thrift-Store be better than stuffs from other store listed. I just love to digging around in a pile to find some fabulous cute-antique stuff, and keeping an eye out to buy something priceless clothes to add to my wardrobe. But I'm shy of haggling for a better price so I need a friend for that.

My friend Ira and I have lots of things in common, including our love of thrift store. I clearly remember the day when we walked into a Sunday Market at Surabaya Town Square with the intention of finding the vintage stuff for cheap. We were walked around, we had been looking for clothes and skirts, touched a few clothes, run our hands along the clothes to feel them, picked up one or two, and finally walked out with empty handed, lol. So confused, there are so many things that we want. They have everything for sale, lol

But i swear, no matter how valuable or glamorous the modern, the antique and vintage stuff always simply special :)