Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Invest in Quality Shoes and How to Keep Them Looking Their Best

I don't remember how many times I've heard or read about "good shoes take you to a good place". I swear it's true.

I also loved to read people's personality by their footwear. Every well dressed man and woman should have a well shoes. But like you see, I don't have too many shoes. Because I don't have much money for buying shoes too often and I have shoe fit problem, LOL. I wouldn't buy a pair of shoes that doesn't match with my character and I know it won't last. So I just like to invest in quality shoes that I'll be using them for long time and caring them with my own ways.

And today, I'll share the best advice and simple tips from my personal experience to caring your favorite footwear. Let's check it out :)

Always Clean Immediately After Using

I always make sure my shoes are completely clean and dry before storing to the box. For shoes get dirty easily like Sneakers, I brush the dirty area with toothbrush and little soap until they're clean. After brush, I rinse the shoe with water directly, and dry off. Oh well, in my personal experience, wearing shoes with socks also keeping the insides of shoes from dirt and bad smell. Can you imagine how terrible it gets when you have to take your shoes off on the public place and smell bad ? Ugh !!!

I hate when I walk on a wet sidewalk after rain, it leaves the surface of my shoe soaked. But I usually used baby wipes to clean it in some cases like that, hahaaa. Simple and effortless. For not moist, then I wipe it back with dry wipes. But to prevent shoe damage, I suggest you to clean your shoes based on the type of material.

Keep Your Shoes in Transparent Shoe Box

One of the best way to keep my favorite shoes always looking good is keep them on the right place. Like I said, I don't have too many shoes. But for more easily to maintain my shoes regularly, I divided my shoes in 3 categories : 'everyday wear' shoes, 'special occassion' shoes, and 'rarely used' shoes. Well, each categories have different storage place. 

For easy to pick it up, I loved to put my 'everyday wear' shoes on the shoe cabinet with an open front for good air circulation around my shoes, but I feel difficult to control the dust condition. With that condition, I usually clean my most-used shoes once a month or when my shoes get so dirty.

For my 'special occassion' shoes, I keep them in transparent shoe box which is waterproof and dustproof. Besides to look more presentable, my shoes also unbreakable. Because it has ventilated to give my shoes place to breath. I recommend you to buy it at ACE Hardware store.

And when I've gotten an amazing shoe, I just want to use them properly at once. Just use for a couple of hours. I just keep my 'rarely used' shoe in the original box and I add a few packets of silica gel to

Add a Few Packets of Silica Gel Into The Shoe Box

Actually, we also found the material in tiny packets for free inside the box. It's name Silica Gel. It's need to be there to keep the shoes protected from the growing of mushroom in it. They'll pull the moisture away and make the shoe fresh. But you can buy those little one also at ACE Hardware.

Simple and very easy, right ??? So, there's no reason for us to be lazy to take care of our shoes. You know, a great pair of shoes are like a really good friends for us. Once you find the loved one, you never one to let them broke, you'll keeping them looking their best, and they'll taking you to a good place...

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Nyaman Ngobrol Perihal Finansial Bareng Pasangan

Ngobrol seputar finansial memang selalu jadi isu paling sensitif bagi beberapa orang, termasuk dengan pasangan sendiri. Terutama soal penghasilan. Meski sebenarnya nggak ada salahnya juga untuk dibahas. Namanya juga hidup bareng, ya suka nggak suka harus bisa ngobrolin penghasilan dan pengeluaran tanpa gelut, dong ~

Sejak awal menikah, saya dan suami sangat transparan soal keuangan. Barangkali ada beberapa pasangan yang tidak cukup terbuka untuk hal yang satu ini. Padahal menyembunyikan sesuatu dari pasangan tuh bikin capek, lhooo. Sebab, bagi saya, persoalan keuangan dalam rumah tangga tak hanya berada di pundak suami atau hanya jadi tugas istri saja, melainkan tugas dan tanggung jawab bersama. Sehingga, terbuka itu penting. Mulai dari nominal gaji, income dari side job, list pengeluaran, harta bawaan, harta bersama, sampai harta perolehan. Loooh, loooh, berat ! Hahahaaa ~

Maka dari itu, awal bulan selalu jadi moment paling asyik kalo ingin ngobrolin soal keuangan. Suasananya masih adem. Ya iyalaaah saldo rekening baru nambah :))