Monday, July 31, 2017

Rumput Hotel Resort & Resto Yogyakarta

Like I said, a lot of place we'd planned on going were closed for the reason. Me and my husband usually visit a place because of its natural beauty, and Jogjakarta has no shortage of hotels will make our rounds and seeing them a whole day of fun. Not excessive if I have to say I see my dreams of fantastic honeymoon here. As a promised, I finally share our experience staying at Rumput Hotel Resort & Resto on my blog...

Positioned in 30 minutes from Malioboro and 20 minutes from Adisutjipto Airport, The Rumput Hotel is one of a natural and beautiful hotel in Jogjakarta. Believe me, just the act of walking around the hotel ; the verdant green, the incredibly charming ethnical houses, the wooden table and chair did much to shed away our exhaustion. The vibe of the hotel was so relaxed. We got to enjoy the scenery in peace. Other makes this place so special are the staff, I feel like I'm visiting very cool family friends. Truly the environmentally friendly hotel.

Yeah, they are manifest the whole concept of eco-labelling in tourism. In the morning, breakfast at 7 am, I'm sipping hot tea and my husband with a cup of black coffee. We are devouring some delicious organic food ; wheat bread with pineapple jam, pudding without sugar, mushroom sushi, and some fruits. It was perfect but don't look for meat here, LOL....

The Rumput Hotel was a magical place that I absolutely fell in love since the first day we were here. The place that I won't forget and will go back to. We left this hotel with heart full of happiness. I'd suggest for every couple in marriage Rumput Hotel Resort & Resto. They will make you fall in love with each other all over again...

(Photo by IPhone 7plus)

Rumput Hotel Resort & Resto
  • Location : Jalan Cempaka Baru no 28, Condong Catur, Sleman, Yogyakarta
  • Phone : 0274 889798

Sunday, July 2, 2017

SUV atau Sedan ???

Memilih dan memutuskan untuk membeli mobil pribadi itu ternyata nggak mudah. Apalagi untuk orang yang punya postur tubuh tinggi seperti Paksu. Sebab untuk dapat posisi duduk yang enak bagi orang yang tinggi badannya di atas rata-rata memang cukup sulit. Dilemanya, terkadang posisi kaki jadi kurang leluasa karena lutut hampir menyentuh kontak starter mobil atau posisi kepala yang sedikit mengenai plafon mobil. 

Jadi, ketika beberapa bulan lalu kami ingin membeli mobil, SUV All New CRV Generasi 4 ini berhasil meluluhkan hati Paksu. Dengan tinggi badannya yang berkisar 185 cm, dia merasa lebih leluasa saat mengendarai mobil tipe SUV dibandingkan mobil tipe sedan karena dimensi-nya yang lebih besar sehingga leg room dan head room nya lebih lega. Higher seating dan comfortable. Dia juga jadi nampak lebih kece :)