Sunday, December 6, 2015

Cafe Tiga Tjeret Solo

It's not hard to find someplace that's more than happy to let us sit back and enjoy our meal and time in Solo. One of my favorite location in Solo to get some discussions and enjoy a glass of special drink with my husband is a good place called Cafe Tiga Tjeret.

This cafe was basically made for meetup, discussion, and 'rumpi' scenarios. With your husband or wife, your college friends, your long term friends, your bussiness partner, and others. The vibe here was so good with quality-healthy drinks like Wedang Tiga Tjeret and fabulous snacks like many kinds of Sate-satean. We can't stop eating, lol.

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The building where Cafe Tiga Tjeret is located is few steps from Pasar Triwindu and situated near with Keraton Mangkunegaran. From the moment we stepped into this easygoing cute cafe, we were so impressed by the decoration and the tasty food. Having an excellent service and well price. The atmosphere has something for everyone here. Making us feel comfortable and welcome.

Sometimes you just need sit and talk. So enjoy your spend times here :)

Cafe Tiga Tjeret Solo
  • Location : Jalan Ronggowarsito, Ngarsopuro, Solo
  • Open Hours : 10 am - 1 am