Monday, March 14, 2016

Oh La Vita Resto Solo

To most people, the real "Italiano" means Pasta or Pizza, and identic with the higher price. We must paid a lot of money for an expensive Italian Cuisine, right ???

But all the people knows that Solo is a wonderful city full of so many options for foodie's to find a restaurant with inexpensive priced, including Italian Cuisine. One of them is Oh La Vita  Resto.

Pizza is delicious but may sounds so bored, i think you must try a sweet pizza that actually different and yummy. So for the third times here, we could never forget to keeps on Pizza Crepes as our-neverbored-menu, lol. Ordering this Pizza has become a bit of tradition when we are at Oh La Vita Resto to save the appetizer for our dinner.

I'm talking an appetizer Pizza swimming on chocolate. Pizza is yummy and chocolate is even more tasty, it only make senses to mix them together. Yap... the visual of this Pizza didn't like others Pizza, but seems like Crepes ; crispy, chewy, and super-thin. So my husband love to named it Pizza Crepes or Pancake Pizza. In fact, the real name is Choco Mia Pizza. Somehow this just not as yummy as my imagination had for you, until you try it self.

However, we wanted meals that wasn't complicated. So, Chicken Cordon Bleu and Onion Ring was the other meals as main menu we order here. And when i ate this simple Chicken Cordon Bleu, i thought the taste was not surprising me, just nice but not really delicious as the chicken cordon bleu i've had on my wedding.

Not long after, five minutes later, we've got sweet-delicious little cup of strawberry-vanilla ice cream. I love it everything happens, heheee...

A plate of nice Chicken Cordon Bleu, our favorite Choco Mia Pizza, super crunchy Onion Ring, Lemon Tea, and a little cup of Ice Cream were a welcomed site after a long time we are not spending times for dinner here. A night that we'll never forget ~

Oh La Vita Resto
  • Location : Tirtosari street, no 11, Solo, Central Java, Indonesia
  • Open Hours : 3 pm - 11 pm