Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Marakez Cafe & Resto Solo

Bravo... I'm truly happy and so blessed. My schedule for Middle Eastern Food was done well, pretty much like always. We had an unforgotable dinner. The quality and variety of Middle Eastern Food at Marakez Cafe & Resto Solo was simple but makes the food very tasty. For us dining at Marakez is not only about the culinary experience, it's also about exploring something different. Trying some popular dishes in Egyph.

When me and my husband entered into Marakez Cafe & Resto, we were first impressed by the simple decor with easy listening music. We feels comfort. Then not for long time, we ordered never-before-tried menu by their recommended for make us easy, lol.

  • Umm Ali
This Egypthian Bread Pudding consists of bread pieces, vanilla, raisins, and cream. Similar with Indonesian Bread Pudding. The different is just the milk were used. Indonesian Bread Pudding use condensed milk but Egypthian Bread Pudding use spiced milk. The combination between sweet from vanilla and cream, and savory from spiced milk. Well, in my opinion, sweet and savory in one package not suitable taste for Indonesian, huhuu. So you could getting the balance just right if you want to try this.

  • Al-Khabsa and Al-Mandhi
The Famous Traditional Egyph food. In Egyph, these food is usually a tribute to fine dining for the guests that was made by Basmati Indian rice, barbequed lamb, and pickling cucumbers. Then serve with a fresh salad. It was also interesting to learn that this food suitable in another countries like Indonesia. I think that's also acceptable for public consumption as food lunch or dinner, but not for breakfast of course, lol. Loved by all people who's had a chance to taste it. 

  • Ma'shoub
It has the one that are most easily acceptable for everyone, whether they were tourists or foreigners. So cute and colorful.

  • Sweet Alexandria and Sultan Passion

So... let make up your own taste and be a big fan of Middle Eastern Food... :)