April 15, 2019

A Truly Loved Man is One Whose Children Happy Hold in His Arms

Dear Ayah...

Everyone knows that you and I have always had a great relationship. You're my number one guy. I remember the moment when you found out that I was pregnant, I'm sure and I know that you will be a major part of my child's life.

After I had a (beautiful) baby, you have a full activities every time we visited you on holidays. I'm so sorry. I know you really loves the little ones. I love seeing you be a grandpa. I see the way you respond calmly to Diba when she's crying. You hold her body and sing a song for her. Surprising me ! Diba stopped crying and soak up your loving attention. 

When we hanging out, sometimes we started having more and more argument about 'cheap' by your definition, what amount that I thought was unreasonable, hahaha. But You had always wanted to give Diba everything she needs, everything. If you sees me not buy something Diba needs, you will not let it go. You just latched onto it, pay for it, and giving it to me :')

You are doing it beautifully, Ayah. I know you didn't want to miss seeing your grandchild grow up. I'm grateful that you always make time to bond with her. She always had a wonderful time with you. I'm thankful she had in you the example of loving man ~

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