Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Liwetan for Blessings


One day, one of my friend invited me to her home for breakfast. I'm blessed. I was enjoyed to come because this is a new thing for me. This is the second time liwetan dining experience in my life. You know another makes me excited about it ?  Yes ! I start my day with an empty stomach (which is... never !) 😋

Liwet Sunda

On that day, I came to my friend's home not too early but also not too late. So I have a little time to play with her baby girl.

When all friends gather, we immediately sit on the floor to prepare a spread of dishes that served on banana leaves. The rice is placed in the center with several kind of dishes like lettuce, hard-boiled eggs, fried chicken, sayur asem, tempe tahu, fried salted fish and sambal. All arranged around it on the same plate. The breakfast was beautifully provided. Allahumma barik 

While enjoying our breakfast, we engage in conversation. The conversation & the time around the 'table' was the glue : keeps us connected even we don't do it often enough.

We enjoy an atmosphere of giving and helping. We share anything about life, about our kids & about co-parenting. Data transfer, check ! 

The best part is it give me more power. It was re-energizing. I feel receiving the fullness of its blessing for enjoyment even we do it at home in a simple way. I appreciated those times 😊