Sunday, May 19, 2024

Socielle Espresso & Dine, Introvert Friendly Cafe in The Midtown of Surakarta


For me, nothing beats a quiet family day at home 😊

Even I really love staying at home, sometimes hangout and be around other people isn't a bad idea. Just want to feel a different atmosphere for a moment. Go to the local coffee shop or cafe, find a seat with the most comfortable view, just sit there, get comfy and observe everything around. Sit alone, in a bubble. 

It's nice to know a place where I can at "I don't want to talk to anyone" mode.

Socielle Espresso & Dine. Cleanliness is their first thing : the floor free from crumbs & the restroom are spotless. It's a nice place to eat and socialize. The space is airy and minimalistic. Have an adequate level of lighting, not too much or too little. You can see the wide window that let in a steady stream of light. Simple but beautiful.

I've been sitting at this cafe for two hours. The waitstaff is attentive but not too attentive, so I've done plenty of brainstorming here. Just taking a break, doing nothing and that's okey. It was my first time exploring this cafe but it's enough to refill my cup of energy. And from my short time here, I know this is my ideal kind of cafe.  I'll be back to explore some more.

I really appreciate place that offer good food and good vibes 💓

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My favorite table near the window

💓 Socielle Espresso & Dine 💓

Open Daily : 9 am - 11 pm

Address      : Jalan Moh. Yamin, Tipes, Surakarta

Instagram    :