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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Salmon Steak Marinated at Ninety-Nine Bistro & Terrace Surabaya

I love steak. I want the best that my money could buy based on quality beef, geographic location, and of course the portion size, lol. Okaay, let me tell you something about one of the best Salmon Steak.

My favorite steak shop in Surabaya is Ninety-Nine Bistro & Terrace. They have good quality beef, located nearby my Kost, and the portion size is more than enough for my little tummy, lol. This steak shop are usually part of Ranch Market ICBC Center Surabaya.

The place seems little but comfortable and full of warmth sensation, near with a Bar and Wine Boutique. I had to go to their cooling machine to order the steak than i choose their recommended Salmon Steak Marinated. Medium done with taste good and premium price. They turned out exceptionally good, tasty, and touch of sweetness. The marinade ; a blend of fish sauce, chile sauce, garlic, and olive oil, really brings out the delicious flavor and makes the Marinated Salmon perfectly. Prepared fresh by their Chef. 

Salmon is delicious but Marinated Salmon is even better. This is a delicious Salmon Steak Marinated that everyone will Love. Forget about the blur pict and let's eat them, yum :)

Ninety-Nine Bistro & Terrace (Ranch Market ICBC Center)
  • Location : Basuki Rahmat street, Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia
  • Open Hour : 10 am - 10 pm

Sunday, January 10, 2016

EATernity Solo

Me and My Husband love eating out, sitting down for a dinner, and especially love finding cafe or restaurant with great food and great interior design. We want to make every meal count. We want to eat 'well' as often as possible. Eat not only just to show off but also memorable and genuine discovery. 

The condition nowadays are tottaly different. For some people eating habits have also changed from Traditional Indonesian Food to Western Products like Pasta or Pizza. But i feel that all food really does taste better when the interior design from the resto where we eat is as good as the food. And Eaternity is one of the middle grade restaurant with middle high price and having good interior design in Solo.

Eaternity have the best of Indonesian Food like Mie Atjeh, American Food like Strip Loin Blackpepper Steak, and Italian Food like Homemade Pasta and Pizza. Many kind Waffle as their best meal and Mojito as their best 'slurp' down rich drink. 

Here the recommended menu that we choose and you should try :

Striploin Blackpepper Steak (78K)
Mie Atjeh (IDR 25.5K)

Waffle Cheese (IDR 21K)

Mojito Sunkist (IDR 16K)

Vanilla Shake (IDR 15K)

Let's Eat

  • Location : Ir. Soekarno street, no 27, Solo Baru
  • Open Hour : 10 am - 11 pm
  • Phone : (0271) 621434

Monday, January 4, 2016

New Es Krim Tentrem Solo

I haven't managed to quit my obssesion with ice cream and actually i've never ever tried, lol. My own adventures in ice cream always continue. Why would I ? First, ice cream is one of mood booster that every woman should have and really does make us happy. Second, it has been very hot weather :p

Yesterday hot afternoon, me and my husband were going to the local cafetaria, New Es Krim Tentrem. This is the one and only place in Solo where i can find the magic of ice cream and the story behind that. Located in the heart of Solo City, near with Ngarsopuro and Pasar TriwinduEs Krim Tentrem was popular since the decades ago, was closed for several years and now they attended with their green concept. Two-storey building with so many tree decoration, colourful wall on it, and variant menu like Juice, Shakes and Coffee. Lovable place for reunion, birthday party, or just hanging out. 

We were ordered Pastello (IDR 22K) and Casablanca (IDR 19K) as their recommended and special menu. Pastello has four flavours from four different ice cream : grapes, melon, strawberry, and kopyor, with corn flakes and sweet candy on it. And Casablanca is lychee ice cream with cocktail fruit and choco waffle. All of these was served with a little glass of mineral water. Heavenly taste with good price. Yummyyyy...

Cause ice cream is not only just for summer, xoxoxo...

(Photo by Lenovo A859)

New Es Krim Tentrem
  • Location : Jalan Slamet Riyadi, no. 132, Solo, Central Java
  • Open Hour : 10 am - 10 pm

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Rumah Makan Jejamuran Sleman Yogyakarta

I'm a foodie. Sometimes cooking but will never turn down good food, lol. Like the other holidays, i spent this long holiday with my husband and his family trying some good quality food, more than one type of mushrooms that are actually worth putting on the plate. 

Actually i don't like mushrooms. I'm little afraid with the texture and the visual thing about mushrooms before their cooked. Maybe i don't like the taste too. But i've ever read that mushrooms known as a great weight loss food, don't you think this is good for me right ??? lol. If you know what i mean :p

Oke fine. Jamur Goreng Tepung (Fried Mushrooms)Jamur Goreng Penyet (Spicy Fried Mushrooms), Sup Jamur (Mushrooms Soup), Jamur Asam Manis, and Sate Jamur (Mushrooms Satay) ordered as our lunch at Rumah Makan Jejamuran, Sleman Yogyakarta. I found something new, changes my mind about mushrooms, these have a ton of good things packed inside of them ; nice taste and good visual. Me and my husband really loves the taste of Sate Jamur (Mushrooms Satay) as the special one and Jamur Goreng Penyet (Spicy Fried Mushrooms).

We have wait for 20 minutes to get lunch table. After the dish was served on the table, we started to enjoying one by one. Five star for the Sate Jamur (Mushrooms Satay), and i also like the Mint Tea. The taste and the visual of Sate Jamur (Mushrooms Satay) remind me about Sate Ayam (Chicken Satay) ; very smooth, good looking texture, so incredibly yummy.  One of the only mushrooms to make me say "oooh so wooow". 

Then i tried Sup Jamur (Mushrooms Soup), it was good but sorry i can't identify anything spectacular about it, it's just taste like the others soup.  3 stars for Jamur Goreng Penyet and Sup Jamur, and 4 star for Jamur Asam Manis.

One day perhaps i'll hunting and learning to love about them. I may just find that i don't hate all mushrooms. One or two or three might just surprise me, xoxoxo. Big thanks to Mas Bagus and Mbak Menuk for the treat, and Marto Ikromo Family for the happinest.

Rumah Makan Jejamuran

  • Location : Magelang street, Km 11, Pandowoharjo, Tridadi, Sleman, Yogyakarta
  • Open Hour : 9 am - 9 pm

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Cafe Tiga Tjeret Solo

It's not hard to find someplace that's more than happy to let us sit back and enjoy our meal and time in Solo. One of my favorite location in Solo to get some discussions and enjoy a glass of special drink with my husband is a good place called Cafe Tiga Tjeret.

This cafe was basically made for meetup, discussion, and 'rumpi' scenarios. With your husband or wife, your college friends, your long term friends, your bussiness partner, and others. The vibe here was so good with quality-healthy drinks like Wedang Tiga Tjeret and fabulous snacks like many kinds of Sate-satean. We can't stop eating, lol.

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The building where Cafe Tiga Tjeret is located is few steps from Pasar Triwindu and situated near with Keraton Mangkunegaran. From the moment we stepped into this easygoing cute cafe, we were so impressed by the decoration and the tasty food. Having an excellent service and well price. The atmosphere has something for everyone here. Making us feel comfortable and welcome.

Sometimes you just need sit and talk. So enjoy your spend times here :)

Cafe Tiga Tjeret Solo
  • Location : Jalan Ronggowarsito, Ngarsopuro, Solo
  • Open Hours : 10 am - 1 am

Friday, December 4, 2015

Ayam'Ayam Resto Solo

Would recommend to anyone that's wanting good food, good place, and views. They actually have views and good food at the same time. This is a great place to grab a meal or drink while taking in the views from the Bale-bale. I recommend all of you to order the special one Ayam Goreng Tulak Lunak and Es Teller. Yummyyyyy...

Location : Ayam Resto Klodran Colomadu (Jalan Adi Sumarmo, Solo)

Friday, November 13, 2015

Seafood Spaghetti - Fish n Co Surabaya

Penggemar makanan laut pasti sudah tau tentang kepopuleran Fish n Co. Restauran yang menawarkan beraneka pilihan menu western seafood dengan proses pengolahan makanan yang baik. Harganya yang relatif mahal cukup sebanding dengan rasa, keunikan proses penyajian, dan pelayanannya yang baik. 

Banyak sekali pilihan menu di Fish n Co. Beberapa yang direkomendasikan seperti :
  • The Best Fish n Chips
  • New York Fish n Chips
  • Seafood Platters
  • Seafood Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce
  • Seafood Pizza
  • Grilled Calamari

Kunjungan pertama kali ini, gue mencoba Seafood Spaghetti Tomato Sauce dan The Best Fish n Chips. Rasanya ? Enaaaakkk bangeeeettt !

Fish n Co
  • Location : Jalan Basuki Rahmat, Tunjungan Plaza 5, Surabaya
  • Open Hour : 10 am - 10 pm
  • Range Price : Rp. 79.000 - Rp. 400.000

Monday, November 9, 2015

Wedangan Rumah Nenek Laweyan Solo

Kalau Jogja identik dengan "angkringan" maka di Kota Solo akrab disebut dengan "wedangan" yang merupakan salah satu budaya warga Kota Solo. Kini pengunjung wedangan bukan hanya datang untuk menikmati sajian makanan dan minumannya aja, tapi juga mencari atmosfer berbeda ketika kumpul bersama teman.

Sabtu siang jelang sore, saya dan suami berkeliling Kota Solo untuk makan siang dan melanjutkan acara nongkrong kami di Cafe Wedangan Rumah Nenek Laweyan. Kami menemukan konsep kuliner maupun tempat nongkrong yang berbeda kalau dibandingkan dengan wedangan-wedangan lainnya disini. Ketika masuk, kami disapa oleh bangunan berarsitektur Jawa-Belanda yang masih orisinil dan klasik baik bentuk maupun aksesoris di dalamnya.

Menu makanan yang dapat kita pesan di Wedangan Rumah Nenek  :

  • Nasi Sop Iga
  • Nasi Iga Bakar
  • Bandeng/Numani/Oseng Teri Piring
  • Nasi Ayam Kampung Goreng
  • Nasi Ayam Bakar

Sedangkan selain minuman-minuman umumnya, disini juga menyajikan minuman-minuman spesial bercita rasa tradisional Solo seperti :

  • Jahe Gepuk
  • Jahe Kencur Jeruk Sere
  • Teh Tarik
  • Wedang Uwuh
  • Wedang Rempah
  • Bengawan Solo
  • Tape Jahe
  • Wedang Tape

Aneka snack seperti Jadah Bakar, Jadah Apolo, Pisang Owl, dan berbagai macam gorengan yang semuanya dibanderol dengan harga mulai dari Rp. 3.500 hingga Rp. 33.000. Cocok untuk semua kantong

Tanpa perlu berlama-lama membolak-balik buku menu, kami pun langsung memesan hidangan istimewa Wedangan Rumah Nenek yaitu Bengawan Solo ; minuman campuran Susu, Cokelat, Tape, dan Jahe. 

Bengawan Solo

Wedangan Rumah Nenek Laweyan 

Cafe Wedangan Rumah Nenek menjadi tempat yang sangat cocok bagi para pecinta benda-benda antik dan suasananya yang tenang direkomendasikan bagi yang benar-benar ingin melepas penat.

Wedangan Rumah Nenek Laweyan
  • Location : Sidoluhur street no. 58, Kampung Batik Laweyan, Solo
  • Open Hour : 10 am - 11 pm

Friday, November 6, 2015

Bowl-Ling Fruit Bar Yogyakarta

Hari yang panas, haus, dan ingin sesuatu lebih dari sekedar air dingin biasa ? Yuk ke Bowl-Ling Fruit Bar. Disini disediakan berbagai variasi sop buah. Kalian mungkin juga akan tertarik mencoba menu lainnya seperti Sop Buah Smoothie dan Jus Campuran, serta beberapa makanan kecil seperti Pizza, Fruit Toast, Siomay, dan Risoles sebagai pilihan alternatif yang bakal mengejutkan kalian :)

On a hot day, thirsty, and want something more than fresh water ? Let's go to Bowl-Ling Fruit Bar. There are various forms of fruit soup provided here. You might also be interested trying other menu like Smoothie Fruit Soup and Mix Juice, also few snacks like Pizza, Fruit Toast, Crunchy Siomay, Risoles as alternative choice that will really surprise you :)

Kafe ini memberi atmosfer nyaman bagi setiap pengunjung agar mereka merasa lebih santai selama menikmati makanannya. Interior kafe-nya unik, juga cukup keren, dan berhasil mencuri perhatian gue. Meja dan kursi yang terbuat dari kayu, serta papan menu bertulisan tangan warna warni. Mereka memberi diskon bagi beberapa kampus di Jogjakarta pada hari-hari tertentu, hanya dengan menunjukkan Kartu Mahasiswa aja.

This cafe gives comfort atmosphere for their customer to feel more relaxed while enjoying the meal. The interior of this cafe is unique, also cool enough, and really caught my attention. The table and chairs are produced of wood, and colorful handwriting menu board. They offer a discount for students based on Jogjakarta on certainly days, by showing their student card.

Bowl-Ling Fruit Bar Yogyakarta 

  • Location : Jalan Alamanda no. 2, Gejayan, Jogjakarta
  • Open Hour : 10 am - 10 pm

Monday, May 25, 2015

Pisang Goreng Sambal Roa

It's lunch time, actually i'm not physically hungry but i feels that need to chew on something in my mouth, lolPisang goreng sambal roa, one of delicious snack from Manado, can be on-the-go snack that will keep me full.

It was amazing culinary experience with the fried banana is served with roa chilli sauce. I've never tried this chilli sauce before. From what I know, the cuisines from Eastern Indonesia mostly spicy food. They said this chilli sauce is made by Roa fish. Roa is a type of smoked fish from Manado North Sulawesi. I can't forget the crisp of banana and the savory and spicy taste of the roa chilli sauce.

Eat and Eat Food Market, ICBC Center

  • Location : Basuki Rahmat street, Kav. 16-18, Surabaya, East Java
  • Open Hour : 10 am - 10 pm

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mie Aceh Pasar Peunayeung

Mie Aceh kini telah 'terdaftar' sebagai salah satu makanan yang cukup populer di Indonesia. Kalo teman-teman ingin mencoba Mie Aceh yang enak ini, coba kunjungi 'Eat and Eat' food market Surabaya. Restauran yang menyajikan berbagai pilihan menu makanan enak serta lokasi bernuansa pecinan kuno yang menjadi daya tarik utama pengunjung.

Mereka menawarkan beberapa macam Mie AcehMie Aceh Goreng with US Beef, Mie Aceh Goreng with Prawn, Mie Aceh Goreng Basah, dan Mie Goreng Vegetarian. Gue memilih Mie Aceh Goreng Basah Prawn dan Mie Aceh Goreng Basah Vegetarian untuk teman gue.

Rasanya cukup gurih, pedas, dengan tekstur mie yang kenyal. Potong udang rebus yang sempurna sebagai topping-nya, taburan bawang, krupuk emping, dan jeruk nipis makin menambah selera. Yummy ~

Eat and Eat Food Market, ICBC Center

  • Lokasi : Jalan Basuki Rahmat, Kav. 16-18, Surabaya, Indonesia
  • Buka : 10 AM - 10 PM

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Heavy Alvin Potatoes

Heavy Alvin Potato. Yaaa... menu yang satu ini nggak seberat namanya. Nggak juga masuk dalam kategori makanan berat. Namun rasanya nempel banget di lidah. Perpaduan antara Potato Crispy, Mozzarella Cheese, Red Bean dan Meat Sauce. Western Food yang unik rasa dan visualnya. Rasanya hampir mirip dengan Lasagna, yang membedakan dan membuatnya unik adalah potongan tipis Potato Crispy yang disusun elok melingkari Mozzarella Cheese, Red Bean dan Meat Sauce di tengahnya. Yummy...

Nanny's Pavillon Market
  • Lokasi : Tunjungan Plaza 3, Lantai 4, Jalan Basuki Rahmat 08-12, Tegalsari Surabaya
  • Telepon : (031) 532 6647
  • Instagram : nannyspavillon
  • Twitter : nannyspavillon

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spanish Doughnut Churros

Teksturnya menyerupai roti goreng mini ; memanjang, tebal, dan bergerigi permukaannya ; nggak bolong di tengah dan nggak bulat seperti Donat yang selama ini kita kenal. Menarik, nih...

Langsung donk nyoba Churros dengan tiga pilihan rasa berbeda ; Caramel, Strawberry dan Chocolate sebagai dip sauce nya dengan taburan gula putih halus atau taburan cinnamon. Cara menikmatinya pun cukup unik, suntikan dip sauce ke dalam lubang kecil Churros dan nikmatilah selagi hangat. Rasanya super cruncy dan lembut di dalam. Cocok dinikmati sebagai menu sarapan dengan secangkir teh hangat atau cokelat panas.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Multicoloured Macaroons

Berawal dari rasa penasaran gue pada biskuit genit manis yang satu ini, mata terbelalak begitu menemukan sebuah toko kue dengan etalase kaca yang dipenuhi oleh si imut aneka warna, Macaroons.

Satu bulatan Macaroons dibanderol dengan harga Rp. 8.500. Bentuknya yang bulat kecil memikat itu cukup membuat gue ingin membawanya banyak dengan beberapa pilihan rasa ; Red Velvet, White Choco, Green Tea, Blueberry, dan Orange. Menyantap satu bulatan saja sudah cukup mengenyangkan sebab rasanya yang cukup manis. 

Banyak kisah yang beredar tentang asal usul Macaroons. Konon, kepopuleran Macaroons berasal dari Prancis, negara yang mendunia dan kaya akan berbagai kuliner terutama pastry-nya, hingga Macaroons menjadi kudapan idola para Bangsawan Prancis dan kini menjadi populer dikalangan masyarakat Prancis juga Eropa, nggak ketinggalan Indonesia dooonk.

Karena teknik pembuatannya yang cukup sulit dan butuh ketelitian ekstra hingga tak semua orang dapat membuatnya, wajar kalau Macaroons menjadi istimewa rasa dan harganya. Rasanya unik, permukaannya yang renyah namun begitu masuk mulut langsung lumer nyeeesss habis tanpa ampun. Macaroons sebagai cemilan cocok dinikmati dengan ditemani secangkir Chamomile Tea. Dapat pula dijadikan sebagai bingkisan istimewa untuk mereka yang teristimewa :)

Bakerzin Bakery Shop

  • Lokasi : Tunjungan Plaza, Jalan Basuki Rahmat no. 8-12, Gubeng, Surabaya
  • Buka : 10 am - 10 pm

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Nanny's Pavillon Surabaya

Nanny's Pavillon diperkenalkan pada publik dengan mengusung sebuah konsep baru mengenai kafe sebagai ruang publik untuk tempat bersantap sekaligus bersantai, yang menggoyang lidah sekaligus memanjakan visual para konsumennya.

Nanny's Pavillon had been launched to public with a new concept about cafe as public area for dining and relaxation which can make dance on the tounge and their costumer's visual.

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Interiornya yang super unik, menarik juga nggak meninggalkan kesan elegannya, yang pasti bakal membuat pengunjung feels like home banget. Apalagi ditambah beberapa ornamen pendukung dan pernak-pernik unik seperti tempat duduk tong kayu warna warni, lampu teplok, dan beberapa rak kayu berhiaskan banyak buah dan sayur. Menuju ke dalamnya, gue udah nggak mikir ingin makan apa ! Spotnya terlalu sayang untuk dilewatkan tanpa diabadikan.

The interior is super unique, interesting and also didn't leave their elegant immpression, surelly will make their customer really feels like home. There are added some support ornaments and unique trinkets as the colourful wooden barrels seat, oil lamp, and some wooden rack were decorated with lots of fruits and vegetables. When i'm heading into this cafe, I don't need to think about what i want to eat anymore ! These spot too good to pass up without taking more picture


Western Food menjadi menu andalan yang ditawarkan oleh Nanny's Pavillon. Gue langsung memesan menu yang direkomendasikan Nanny's : Hot Tuna Spaghetti (52K) dan segelas Patrick's Float Capp (32K)  segelas Orange Juice (25K). Yang nggak kalah menarik, Pancake dan Waffle juga jadi menu andalan untuk dicoba di Nanny's. 

Nanny's Pavillon offering western food as favorite menu. I immediately orders the recommend menu : Hot Tuna Spaghetti (52K) and a glass of Patrick's Float Capp (32K) + Orange Juice (25K). Pancake and waffle also being as you-must-try favorite menu at Nanny's

Hot Tuna Spaghetti

Green Tea Pancake

Heavy Alvin Potatoes

Patrick Float Coffee

Orange Juice

Avocado Coffee

Nanny's Pavillon Cafe

  • Location : Tunjungan Plaza 3, 4 Floor, Basuki Rahmat street  no. 08-12, Tegalsari, Surabaya
  • Phone : (031) 532 6647
  • Instagram : nannyspavillon
  • Twitter : @nannyspavillon