Sunday, January 10, 2016

EATernity Solo

Me and My Husband love eating out, sitting down for a dinner, and especially love finding cafe or restaurant with great food and great interior design. We want to make every meal count. We want to eat 'well' as often as possible. Eat not only just to show off but also memorable and genuine discovery. 

The condition nowadays are tottaly different. For some people eating habits have also changed from Traditional Indonesian Food to Western Products like Pasta or Pizza. But i feel that all food really does taste better when the interior design from the resto where we eat is as good as the food. And Eaternity is one of the middle grade restaurant with middle high price and having good interior design in Solo.

Eaternity have the best of Indonesian Food like Mie Atjeh, American Food like Strip Loin Blackpepper Steak, and Italian Food like Homemade Pasta and Pizza. Many kind Waffle as their best meal and Mojito as their best 'slurp' down rich drink. 

Here the recommended menu that we choose and you should try :

Striploin Blackpepper Steak (78K)
Mie Atjeh (IDR 25.5K)

Waffle Cheese (IDR 21K)

Mojito Sunkist (IDR 16K)

Vanilla Shake (IDR 15K)

Let's Eat

  • Location : Ir. Soekarno street, no 27, Solo Baru
  • Open Hour : 10 am - 11 pm
  • Phone : (0271) 621434