Monday, January 4, 2016

New Es Krim Tentrem Solo

I haven't managed to quit my obssesion with ice cream and actually i've never ever tried, lol. My own adventures in ice cream always continue. Why would I ? First, ice cream is one of mood booster that every woman should have and really does make us happy. Second, it has been very hot weather :p

Yesterday hot afternoon, me and my husband were going to the local cafetaria, New Es Krim Tentrem. This is the one and only place in Solo where i can find the magic of ice cream and the story behind that. Located in the heart of Solo City, near with Ngarsopuro and Pasar TriwinduEs Krim Tentrem was popular since the decades ago, was closed for several years and now they attended with their green concept. Two-storey building with so many tree decoration, colourful wall on it, and variant menu like Juice, Shakes and Coffee. Lovable place for reunion, birthday party, or just hanging out. 

We were ordered Pastello (IDR 22K) and Casablanca (IDR 19K) as their recommended and special menu. Pastello has four flavours from four different ice cream : grapes, melon, strawberry, and kopyor, with corn flakes and sweet candy on it. And Casablanca is lychee ice cream with cocktail fruit and choco waffle. All of these was served with a little glass of mineral water. Heavenly taste with good price. Yummyyyy...

Cause ice cream is not only just for summer, xoxoxo...

(Photo by Lenovo A859)

New Es Krim Tentrem
  • Location : Jalan Slamet Riyadi, no. 132, Solo, Central Java
  • Open Hour : 10 am - 10 pm