Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The Sky Was Blue for Almost 5 Years They Were Together

This is just a story about a woman, a man, and inevitable truth into one's...

There were two people, born and grew up. To her, he was the 1/2 of her world.

Just like the sea, he is just too soft and subdued inside. Calm and no ambition. He chose to stay inside, rather than to freely swim around the sea.

He got a pair of mysterious deep brown eyes. The ones that made him do his best taking the time to comfort people around him instead of trying to provide immediate solution to moral problems. 

He couldn't let a day wasted without a cup of black coffee. No, no, he's not smoker. Coffee was his one and only addiction, even he knew about affection :)

She can't trust, not that she's not capable of it, she was not sure of her ability to love someone anymore.

And then he entered into her small world. She saw him, he's really like her own dad (lol). He was always nice to her. The next thing she remembered was her heart turned to be much harder to open. For her, he's the definition of 'a good friend'.

Until finally she said 'yes'......

She tried to think what it was that made her fall into him. They shaped mutual values. She feel deep because simply he's the kindest person she ever knew. At least, for her small world.

After hundred days of distance, they decided to bring it to the next. Sat beside each other.

Until now.....

The sky was blue for almost 5 years they were together ~