Saturday, January 21, 2017

Ambivert Personality, So What ??!!

From I started my blog in 2012 until now, maybe you know that I've been shared so much about who I am. About my my daily life, my culinary adventure, my passion and lifestyle. That's why I called my site The Lifeline

But as much as I like to publish more story of my life on public, you may be surprised to know that in real life I'm an ambivert. I never call myself an extrovert or introvert. I truly feel somewhere in the middle between them, yes I'm identifies as an ambivert.

  • I usually prefer alone in my free time, but I'm also sociable for some reasons, lol.
  • At some moment I like more talking but I'm also comfortable more listening
  • I need some friend around me, but sometimes I'm happy being alone and I'm not feeling lonely.
  • I'm interest meet with new people, but I'm selective for making new friendship and it's okey if I don't have many friends.
  • People often see me as completely and extroverted because they see it gets the most in me, but from the other side of me I love stay at my room alone for reading and writing all day long. 

I'm the kind of person who love hanging out one on one, or only twos, or threes with my close friend better than in groups. It makes me more intimate with her/him/them. I get a chance to care and listening each other than a group can contribute. Like this, just a little bit friend, they are really know me well, we have a best time when we go out, and I have tons of happines with them :)

We always meet and eat together :)

(Photo By Iphone 5S)