Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Getting Married and Staying Happy in a Long Term Relationship

As you see, my husband had an amazing opportunity to pursue a Master Degree and he get to do his thesis for free which is pretty unbelievable. I also had a career in journalism for 3 years. We are currently living 170 miles away from each other as a best friend.

Like most people, I regularly asked some of my friend to share their advice from their own marriage on how they feel after entering into marriage and what happens the day after. Surprising me ! Some of their experience was scared me. They say don't expecting the marriage to solve of your problem but the marriage actually creating a new problem for your life. It's sound so complicated and annoyed me, huh !

Under these circumstance, we decided to get married between the two years of his master program. Some people supporting us and some people doubt our ability to survive. But we were not to concerned with that. Because my dad and my close friends completely supportive of my decision. And I truly believe that God doesn't charge someone more than its capacity. With pressure from those around, both of us continued to struggle with Bismillah...

You know, me and my husband very different in a lot of ways. More than that, we had whole different cultural background, different character, different habit, and different perspective for life. When we started make a new life and living together, the change takes place at so many levels. From a change in behavior, change in speech, change of thinking, a change in lifestyle, until our body shape changes, lol. Even sometimes we had different opinions and still maintain our arguments, but it's okey :)

After marriage, my husband and my family were becoming on my first priority. I want to dedicate full of my time for them. He always support me for taking the risk when I left my job. This is probably the most difficult. But he gave me understanding that instead of wasting my time obsessing over something beyond my control, more better if I would prefer to take care of my family and educating our children in the future. Manage all they necessity most of the time and whatever their primary needs are always comes first before mine.

Now we are happy live in the same home and sleep in the same bed, hihiiii. Love each other by Allah's sake. Grateful by each other. Everyday, we constantly keep waking up before Fajr Adhan and going to the mosque together. After we have prayed, he always make time to recite The Qur'an while I takes time to home duties. But if I don't read my Qur'an after Fajr, I read it after Dhuha. Yeah... we always spending a quality time together to be communicated for what we had done on a daily.

After my dad, my husband will be the first one to believe me that I could have done better. He always told me to be the bigger person no matter how they will treat me poorly, when they are trying to bring me down. By tell me to never revenge, he has shaped me into the woman that I'm today. He merely pointed the way without talk too much. All I can say that we've been very happily married for almost 2 years and forever Insya Allah. I'm so grateful how God returned him to me.

Now he has completed his master program and I find a "new" job in home. Enjoy blogging as great place where I could see how I am, write something big that I truly believe. God will not let go waste the reward of our effort.

So... Finding the right person who help you to get closer to God and always remind you to God. Be together for the right reason. Surround yourself with good people and focus on something good in life. Yeay !

(Photo by Canon EOS M5)