Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Marrying with an Academics

He wasn't an Academic when he marry me. We met as a best friend long before this quite man decided to make a career of being smart people, lol. I just know, he's incredibly excited about machines. How was I supposed to know he'd being an Academic ? lol...

I've been by his side for every step of the way. I really know what has gone. He stayed in The Energy Conversion lab for more than 3 years. Doing several project at once ; writing papers for international journals - wait the response from his thesis supervisor - revision - write again - revision - write again. Read more - write the thesis script - staying up late at home. We often discuss about his research project and it turned out to be beneficial for me. Even the details may not all be applicable to our daily life (lol) but I'm so interested.

On the weekend, he take an English class. If he have a deal with the English translation, I changed what editors do by becoming a counselor for him, lol. We rarely take the time to simply spend time with those we love. It's really hard for us. But the things that make me proud, in the midst of his busy life, he's always tried to worship together in the mosque. Oh yeah, I'm crying :')

After all those hard years, my understanding of what he does is turned into something that really proud. It's develop a never give up attitude. He tried to be independent and complete his postgraduate by finance all the cost by himself and graduate with very satisfying predicate. He also makes me a stronger partner of life !

Well, teach in large class sometimes drains his energy. His Thermodynamics class has gotten up to 50 students and the students have various types of behavior. To keep his class enjoyable, he just showing PowerPoint slides wisely, random discuss, ask a logical question, and finish it not more than a hour, lol. Because for him, respect and appreciate the student's effort to finish their assignments is more important than the value itself. Energy saving too :))

Well, this is the second years he became a lecturer. I know from his story that most senior lecturer usually have multiple career besides their working life ; from lecturer, assistant chief, head of department, an author, a reviewer, a researcher, car business, and others. But he choose to be a reliable love bird breeder, lol. At least for this time. Yeah, he always 'working' even at home :)

Even this time just entering his second years, he always learning to understand the system at where he works to makes progress in his career. He said, there will be some people who pay attention about his productivity at work, reporting about his performance, and seeing about the relationship between the lecturer, students, lab staff and the people around. Hahahaaa... I know he has trouble with the last one, but he never felt burdened. The important thing when become a lectures is having a positive attitude and be a good listener.

Thumbs up !