Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Different Kinds of Life Stage : Baby #2

There are so many different kinds of life stage & kinds of experience in the past 3 years. Not everything has to be shared & some things should be wait for little while before being shared.

And i think it’s a good time to share my baby #2 pregnancy update with our happiness :)


Going a little backward, the end year of 2018 will be of the year that incredibly memorable : after waiting for almost 3 years, I went from being a wife into being a mom of a beautiful girl, Baby #1 :’)

We found out that I was pregnant Baby #2 in February on this year. 2 months after Diba’s second birthday. My husband & I met The Obgyn when my pregnancy into 7 weeks. The Doctor does an ultrasound to make sure that I’m pregnant & giving me Vitamin to make sure the baby growing well. 

I remember we are being so excited but i also remember it’s going to get harder for surviving day by day. Happy or moody most of the time is my friend. It also kept me busy -taking care Diba who were potty training- and many ‘surprises’ I meet everyday. My daily life more dynamic :’)

Oh well, I just finished Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarty. It’s not an educational short read for pregnancy, actually. Just for stress free. Because she covers her story with laugh-out-loud funny :))))

And I’m going this third trimester with Baby #2 on this FUN FACT : 

• How Far Along : currently 36 weeks 

• Due Date : End of October or The Beginning of Nopember

• Size of Baby : 2,8 Kg & I’m not allowed to eat any sugar or sweet food again, my doctor made it clear, lol :))

• Maternity Clothes : All my dress are maxy dress. It’s more than enough to support my ‘new’ body. So i don’t need special maternity clothes :)

• Morning Sickness : Never :)

• Baby Shower : Of course NO :)

• Babymoon : Hunting for good food is my simple babymoon, lol…

• Food Cravings : Ice cream, Dimsum, Pempek, Lotek, Cheese Bread :)))

• Shopping : Only for the newborn super basic needs

• Gender : Surpriseeee :p

• Miss Something : I just miss going to bookstore :’)

On the last check, the fetal heart monitoring & the amniotic fluid level was good, the doctor said.

But maybe, I really can’t share much yet. If all the things are developing good, I’ll definitely share more details when the baby #2 arrive.

So, please sending your positive energy & big prayers to keep me surviving.

Thank you so much :’)