Sunday, May 28, 2017

Bowl-Ling Fruit Bar Yogyakarta (Chapter II)

Over a year ago, I've been writing about one of my favorite fruit bar in Jogjakarta. If you 're a huge fan of fruit juice or smoothie, there's a fruit bar serves fresh fruit soup juice which has best selection of fruits. This place has quickly become one of the Yogyakarta's most popular fruit bars. It's name Bowl-Ling Fruit Bar 

This cafe offers fresh fruit soup, juices, and it has an admirable smoothie list. I'm especially in love with their "Happy Ling" (slice of apple, strawberry, chocolate cereal, and creamy chocolate smoothie). Everything just tastes so fresh and so delicious. I absolutely love it.

I also really like their simple crunch mushrooms and the chewy tempura. It was delicious eaten with Sambal Bangkok. But actually I'm not trying that many of the options on the food menu. From the menu I've ever tried this truly recommended for you. Two thumbs up for Bowl-Ling Fruit Bar ^^

Yogyakarta has always been on my favorite local city tour. I should go there soon for food hunting adventure even more. We've had the best Thursday here, one day before Ramadhan being so much fun moment ! Thank you so much Bayu & Nisaa...

(Photo by Bayu / Canon EOS M5)