Sunday, December 25, 2016

RM & Pemancingan Sendang Ayu Jogjakarta

Outdoor picnics have always been the tradition in my family filled with good people and tasty food. It's casual and relaxing way for us to show our love and gratitude. Our need to take a breath and have fun. Enjoy the peace and quiet. So we headed to Sendang Ayu Restaurant and Fishing Spot Jogjakarta.

Located strategically on Jalan Jogja - Solo km 15, Sendang Ayu is offering the special dish of freshwater fishes. My impression when I entered this place, oh wow is so big and truly accomodate more visitor on special occasions like birthday party, reunion, arisan and breaking the fast together. The unique experience, we feel like back to the nature because this restaurant has a great lesehan area, the gazebos made of bamboo, and the natural atmosphere surrounded by fishing spot with clean water. So you can see the fresh fish in alive condition.

My recommendation when you go to Sendang Ayu, try their crispy fried gurame that come along with sambal and lalapan. It's a crunchy and tasted really well. Oh yes... I do recommend you to try this one first. The price was still okey :)

If you're looking for the delicious freshwater fish, you come to the right place !

Happy Weekend :)

Rumah Makan & Pemancingan Sendang Ayu

  • Location : Jalan Jogja - Solo, Kalasan, Jogjakarta
  • Open : 8 am - 8 pm