Friday, February 23, 2018

Life Wouldn't be So Wonderful Without Surprises

In this life, problems will not go away. Everyone has their own problems and probably same...

When my memories back to 2,5 years ago, start a new level of living with new people, I would call it a wonderful shocking moments. 

How come ? There was no ways to keep living the way I've been through before. Shocked, surprised, confused, tired, overwhelmed are all in my head. A principle-based life, the perspective, the lifestyle, and the habits are tottaly different.

Made and Edited by Me. Thanks Canva ! 

But let me start by clarifying : my husband is kind-hearted people.

I've been lucky, I always had a lovely relationship with him.

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I even ask him question about their habits in their home. Then I see it with my own eyes......

Like I said, I'm living according to my own values. I'm enjoy a clean home but it wasn't a priority for everyone who live here. I have no tolerance for disorder but they don't realize it. I never see stuff stored on my floor but they were a lots of items to live on undesirable place. They have a big home but (oh goodness) there's stuff everywhere. Cats pee smells over the home. So crowded with junk. Simple, but I feel terrible about it.

Why ???

Because Allah SWT only loves those who keep themselves pure and clean.

The most often, they don't think about the consequences of what they did and they're saying to me. 

But Allah's scenarios are always beautiful. I was met with the people whom Allah SWT guide my heart even closer to Him and be more patient. Those people made me choose to say, these are the best years and the best valuable gift for me to grow become a mentally strong person. My life changed positively.

Why ???

Because whatever makes me feel bad, a journey of my (marriage) life with my husband far more beautiful, warmth, and kindness beyond anything I imagined.

Start everything from nothing. I accompanied my husband finished his Thesis. Working close to family. Getting in touch with my parents and reconnect with my old friend. Me and my husband can still eat the greatest food and buy something we needs. I still walking and shopping together with my bestie. Me and all the people I care about are given health and opportunity to keep visiting each other. It has made me very grateful.

There's seems to be no reasons being ungrateful. How blessed I am. How grateful I am for the life that I had. I completely put my trust in Allah SWT.

Yeah... Probably easy to saying others to be patient. But hard for me to stand up around those action. It has not always successful. But I will try. Let go of the hurt, pain, or anger for my own sake. May Allah SWT always guide my heart...