Sunday, January 7, 2018

3 Things I Learned in Past Year and 3 Things I Want To Do With My Life

It took me days, to think about my life, think about what I've learned in my marriage life since 2015 and what I want to do with my life. So heavy, eh ??? So as my first post in 2018, I wanted to share it with you ~

Best Friend for Life

3 Things I've Learned in My Marriage Life :

1. Alhamdulillah. My marriage life has been filled with happiness. 'Cause I was doing what I loved ; praying with my husband, keep my home clean, prepare meals for my dad-in-law, of course blogging and reading activities. Don't get me wrong, I love to go on holiday and go shopping sometimes, haha. But the reason I felt so so happy in my marriage life is when I get closer to God, stay productive and useful for everyday. Yeah... I feel that my life is more qualified than before. I'm so blessed :)

2. Meet some of the most amazing people. Moreover, after that 'heartbreak' (if you know the real story), I learn something new. It's okey not to be loved by everyone. Just to be loved by only few people will makes me more better.

  • My husband. Yeah, we are so different in a lot of ways. We had whole different cultural background, different character, different habit, and different perspective for life. I tried to fix him and he did the same. And it makes our love grow stronger, insya Allah. Let's keep this feeling more stronger ~
  • Cousin of my husband ; Mbak Tika and Mbak Yenny. Believe me, I want to talk to them in a person everyday, huhuuu.
  • Ira Puspitasari Rahayu. The woman who greatly influenced me to the world of literature. You color up my world, darl ~
  • My brother Bayu and his closest friend Nisaa, makes every journey amazing as they are.

3. Allah SWT has the best plan for me and my husband. That overcoming injustice, Allah SWT grant us something better to replace it. Our health is the most awesome blessing that Allah SWT give to us. Our financial system always stable and strong when many people doubt our ability to survive. Yeah, rizq always comes from unimagined and unexpected source :)

3 Things I Want To Do With My Life The Next After :

1. Yeah, we are waiting for children. It's confusing when I don't have the answers for them. But I'm sure Allah SWT has the best plan for us. It probably the time to takes a lot of effort, pray even harder than before, do something useful for many people. Maybe Allah SWT give us more time to plan more activities together, have time to cuddle, hihiiii. Having a baby ??? It will happen if it's meant to be, Insya Allah :)

2. You know what, getting into a bed with a good book is the best rewarding things I've done for myself in my marriage life. I decided I would read more book and always post something nice on my web. 3 books in a week and 1 post in a week. Hahaaa, good luck for me !

3. Yeah, the people closest to me know that my marriage life brought me closer to a person that never took the time to respect me and my husband. It's not about maturity as people say. It's about self-esteem and trust. And forgiving isn't easy you know. Okey, I've decided to open my heart and I've learned to forgive. But just stay far away. It's probably made living better. 

Bismillah ~