Sunday, August 13, 2017

Tomorrow, We Would Become Parents

To Our Lovely Child...

The arrival of a baby is a lovely important event in all family's life. Including us, your dad and your mom. The long-awaited baby whom we had wanted for over two years was finally here. It seems that It was a miracle that we had both survived. The love we felt was like nothing we had ever experienced before. It was just beautiful...

In Frame : Lil' Brother Muhammad Iklas Yusuf Haikal

Your eyes, It was deep set and big like your dad. Your fingers and your tiny button nose like your mom. Everyone commented what a handsome you were.

We always want to shows kindness to you. Sitting with you, breastfeeding you while telling stories, reading you a book you've chosen. Sending you to the best school tomorrow. Teach you a foreign language like English and Arabic. Playing in the park. Meet the giraffe at zoo. Telling you the names of the beauty of Allah's creation, show you how to Sholat, we want you to listen to the entire Qur'an in our voice everyday. We wanted you to grow up knowing our Deen, my love...

I just had to clean the house everyday. I vacuumed, dusted, swept the dirt away. Cooking the best food for you. I had full energy to do it all. Just to make sure you are safe. Love you very much always and forever. 


Everyday we wonder our life will completely change when you are coming. It's difficult to wait patiently but we trust that Allah knows when the times is right.

Your Mom & Dad