Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Stay Happy and Positive with The Negative People Around

As human beings, having problems with some people around are normal. It might be solved by good communication. But have you ever felt always uncomfortable when you were around some people even if you don't know the reasons (?) Unlikely care how do you feel and you think they are harming you more than benefiting you (?) If so, you are not alone :)

Let me tell you something. The people closest to me know that my character is strong and caring but my environment made me question that. I thought my positivity for 2 years would spread to others but I was wrong. She still can't respect all my efforts. No matter how hard I try, she always ruins my mood when she speaks to me. Sometimes I couldn't stay optimistic about that situation but alhamdulillah I have a Dad and a Husband who always support me and never tired of advising me.

My Husband, My Dad, and Me

So I want to share some tips from my husband and my dad for staying happy and positive with the negative people and condition around, here it is...

Just Stay Calm

I knew the time would come when some people around which different habit with me would try to make me feel uncomfortable. It's okey and I try to understand. Because my husband always said to me just stay calm. Let them go, still respect them, talk less, kill them with kindness, and did your activity as usual. It's better to forgive and just keep distance from them.

Surround Yourself (Just) with The People Who Always Optimist and Believe in You

I prioritize my life spending time almost daily with passionate people. I'm grateful to have parents, a husband, and few best friends who always believe on my dreams and my efforts to achieve that, even though we're far apart. We always call each other everyday or having chat in WA group. They have never been pessimistic with my ability. And for sure, they never tired for always praying me. That's the reason why I should be happy :)

Constantly Asking Allah For Help and Protect You in Everything

I know it's difficult to tottaly separate ourself from the negative people. But talking to Allah, asking Allah for help and protect us in everything are the best life solution for any problem we are facing. Pray for them to be more loving, to be more better. We'll be more at peace with ourself :)

Just Be Happy and Positive :)

(Photo by Bayu / Canon EOS M5)