Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Indonesian Traditional Desserts : Cenil, Bubur Madura, Lupis

I have always been addicted about all kinds of sweetness snacks and dessert. I always craving for something sweet like chocolate cheesecake or banana chocolate sauce, because dessert brings me so much joy. It's not healthy actually. But I just have a big sense for what I want. So to conquer my sugar craving, I up my water intake.  Alhamdulillah, I'm not having problems with that.

When I'm going to culinary festival, my friend's wedding, or my friend's birthday party, desserts and sweets will be the first thing on my mind, lol. Lucky me, almost all of Indonesian traditional dessert are sweet, whoooaaaa !

These are 3 tasty Indonesian traditional desserts I present to you which widely available at traditional market or some of food court in shopping malls. It is particularly popular in my country and suitable for those who love sweet dessert like me. Let's take a look.....


Almost all Indonesian know what Cenil is. When I was kid, on the weekend, my dad always bring me this sweet snack after his trip from the traditional market near my home. I'm happy for this because it is my favorite morning snack at that time. The taste is mixed of sweet and salty ; the sweet from liquid of palm sugar and the salty from coconut sprinkle. The texture is quite chewy and the melting of palm sugar is just perfect. And the unique is it has a few color ^^

Bubur Madura

Actually this is the first time I try Bubur Madura. But wait, it's look so familiar, right ??? It's looks like a blend of Bubur Sumsum, Jenang Grendul, Bubur Sagu Mutiara, and Ketan Hitam. It's usually served with creamy coconut milk and liquid of palm sugar.

One of my friend who love to make cakes tell me that Bubur Sumsum made from rice flour, coconut milk, pandan leaves, and salt. Next Jenang Grendul, it was made by glutinous rice flour, brown sugar, pandan leaves, and salt. Then Bubur Sagu Mutiara made by sagu mutiara, sugar, pandan leaves, coconut milk, salt, and jackfruit for the garnish. Yummyyyy !


During my holiday in Balikpapan, I have enjoyed Lupis cake. Lupis is a traditional dessert that made by sticky rice. As you see, It has small triangular shape that are made by green coloring. The green color comes from the juice of pandan leaves (my friend said to me this, hahaaa). I usually ate lupis with coconut sprinkles and liquid of palm sugar. Just good. Thanks for brings me this, daddy ^^

(Photo by Lenovo A859)