Friday, September 23, 2016

Makeup Kit For Beginners

Actually I'm not a makeup-obsessed woman. When I was high school I've never really worn makeup. I'm terrible at doing my own makeup. I frequently go outside without makeup. But after a while, my relationship with makeup has changed. Although my interest of makeup never really grew any stronger, lol. I just buying some cosmetics and try to practicing the simple makeup look.

For me, the simple makeup look features no more than four or five items : face primer, foundation,  concealer, face powder, and lipstick. But what I do to my face before I use makeup is more important than the makeup I use.

Although I don't going around with a full face of foundation but I personally still need to apply it on my face. Before I apply a drop of foundation, I prep my skin face first with facial cleansing method by using essentials foaming facial wash (oil-free). It's make my face very soft and smooth. I don't use a lot of foundation because I want the natural finish I can get, just for brighten up my face. Than I smeared some foundation over my face using my fingers.

I've been using Marcks face powder for long time ago and I love how the simple it coverage on my face. It has a very good texture and unique smells. I've been using a sponge to apply it on my face. And you know why I love it so much ??? Because it is the cheapest face powder that I've ever use ! I highly recommend it for you...

My Simple Makeup Tools

The Accessories

Basically my favorite color is brown. And I love wearing brown lipstick. For me, brown lipstick can creates a gorgeous lip. It's makes me feel more fabulous, elegant, looks mysterious, and match with the color of my lips, lol. I'm also the proud owner of full lips but for the long time I'd just shy away from purple or pink lipstick. I only love the brown lips crayon. In my experience, they last longer. And my go-to pick is always Crazy for Coffee Maybelline Lipstick.

My Liquid Foundation, Lipstick, & Mascara by Maybelline

Clear Makeup Box

Anyone who knows me so well, including my husband, understand that I'm completely perfume obsessed. I love the men's fragrance because actually I've always had a hard selection for finding a women's perfume that fits on me. I love how the smell of Scuderia Ferrari Light Essence Acqua which actually it's the perfume for men and women. And now it is became my own signature, lol. For daily perfume I just use Enternity Acqua.

Let me know how about your favorite skincare and makeup products, ladies ???