Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Bookstore Date

I have a habit, hobby and a little project for myself. The one is (always) reading a lot as often as possible. Books are magical to me and the bookstore always had a very special place in my heart. Not only for gain my knowledge and getting more hot gossip (*eh). But when i walking into the bookstore :

  • This is the best moment when I met many people who loved book
  • Get in to my coziest reading spot and feel right at home
  • Owning the new released and best seller book had launched by my favorite author
  • I've never regret to spending money for the good book that i've really really want to read and add them to my collection
  • and this is the time for gadget-free, lol

Our weekend dates would be always fun ; grab some lunch and head to the bookstore for coffee and books. I think it's the perfect way to spend our day off and to get out of the home, lol

The section at the bookstore did he investigate first is 'Automotive' to update his knowledge as mechanical engineer. You know what the second ? Well the second is 'Livestock and The Lovebirds Breeding Technology', lol, cause my husband had a small livestock of lovebirds. Yap... my man is the person who have the different worlds at the same time. Oh, you ask me ??? my favorite is the travel section, sometimes for the fiction section, and really excited going to the spirituality section :)

We've never forgotten to bring our camera for documenting some of the details and some candid incidents of our afternoon, lol...

'Automotive' and 'Traveling' Section

'Livestock' Section

'Motor' Section

'The Wedding' Section, LOL

There is no friend as loyal as a book ~ Ernest Hemingway