Friday, May 6, 2016

Local Favorite Food To Eat in Balikpapan

Today i make special page for Balikpapan 'cause i born and raised in this town, i miss everything there. Yaps, there are so many places to go and explore in this one of the cleanest cities in ASEAN, 'cause Balikpapan is not only about The Shopping Center and The Beautiful Beach. You can also visiting The Mini Trans Studio, The Best Seafood Restaurant in town, The Modern-Traditional Market, The Mangrove Forest, Canopy Bridge, and so many parks at the center of the city. Anyway, you'll need prepare your camera and capture the beautiful of Oil Refinery from the height places when the sun goes down.

Location : Melawai Beach 

But it feels incomplete when you're traveling and you haven't tried the local-traditional food that you can't find it in another places. So i wanna share with all of you some local food and the story that reflected face of Balikpapan.

Pisang Gapit, Bingka Pelabuhan Semayang, and Sop Singkong is the local favorite food of Balikpapan. The taste of this food is very relative and very easy learned to make it self at home. Why relative ??? Simple... 'cause the food tastes different for every individual, one food might good in my taste but probably not for others :)

  • For people in Kalimantan especially in Balikpapan, the cassava can be used as food ingredients to make fresh soup as simple breakfast menu. But (maybe) people in Java or other territory would find it strange. Well, these fresh soup is long been called "Sop Singkong". The simple meal that you should try. Small pieces of boiled cassava, a few pieces of chicken claw, macaroni, 'bihun', and fresh soup in a bowl, then sprinkled with fried onions and celery. I swear... oh so yummy, so unique, and you will definitely try more than one portion, lol. This soup can makes your tounge dance, lol

Sop Singkong

  • Why would Kalimantan people be friendly ??? 'Cause we likes everything sweets, lol. We are all born with a love of sweet foods. Bingka is one of them. Bingka from Balikpapan was made by full of potatoes, eggs, butter, milk, sugar, and coconut milk. My favorite one is Bingka Kentang Pelabuhan Semayang. You must buy and eat this cake more and more. This cake also my family's favorite as our iftar menu. You know... my husband could spend one portion of Bingka Kentang Pelabuhan Semayang alone, lol.

Bingka Kentang Pelabuhan

  • And the third is Pisang Gapit was made by half-baked bananas, then cut into small pieces, and doused with sweet thick sauce. Brown sugar, coconut milk, and small pieces of jackfruit as the ingredients of the sauce. When you eat, you will more sweet than before, lol

Pisang Gapit

So, this is Balikpapan's 3 best hidden gems to discover. Enjoy !