Saturday, January 16, 2016

Delicious Betawi's Cuisine - Kafe Betawi Surabaya

Betawi are concidered Jakarta's indigenous ethnicity from different ethnicities such as Sundanese, Malay, Javanese, Arab, Balinese, and Tionghoa. Their popular about the cultures as mascots, language, dialect, and cuisine.

Yeah... Betawi is known for its traditional cuisine with influences by so many various traditions. Kerak Telor, Ketoprak, Laksa Betawi, Lontong Cap Go Meh, Soto Betawi, and Karedok are popular. Other popular cuisines are Nasi Uduk, Sekoteng, and Rangin also good to try. Nowadays we can found Betawi's cuisine everywhere, from vendor street up to big restaurant like Kafe Betawi.

One year ago my best friend Hamid had a small birthday party in Kafe Betawi. Unfortunately i have no enough time for took many good pictures, sorry. But here the first time i ordered Laksa Betawi and Sekoteng :

  • Althought Laksa Betawi is not popular as Soto Betawi, but for me Laksa Betawi is the most authentic Betawi's cuisine you should try. These dish contains Ketupat, Taoge, Boilled Egg, and Emping as the topping.
  • And Sekoteng was a hot-health drink made from ginger, kolang-kaling fruit and boiled peanuts that can warm our body. 

I still continue my discovering Betawi authentic cuisine. And for the second i tried Karedok and Rangin. Unlike most other people, i do not really like to eat vegetables but i loves when my best friend treat me with delicious food, lol
  • Karedok look like dishes such as vegetables salad covered with peanut sauce, very similar to Gado-gado. In Central Java popular called it as Lotek. 
  • And Rangin is one of the famous authentic traditional Betawi snacks made by mixing coconut with sago, water, and salt. Then palm sugar sauce will be flush on it. Super crunchy.

I'm very happy with the taste. For sure i'll coming again Insya Allah ^^


Laksa Betawi


Rangin Snacks

Kafe Betawi
  • Location : Basuki Rahmat street, Tunjungan Plaza 4th floor, Surabaya, East Java
  • Open Hour : 10 am - 10 pm