November 5, 2017

Lifesaver On Rainy Day

Oh My God ! What a Sunday, guys. Several days of rain makes me crave comfort food. I need anything hot and savory. Anything that keep me warm. And then, me and my husband enjoyed the weather of this city while savouring a tasty bowl of chicken noodle. Yes ! chicken noodle always on the top whenever I have a craving for something hot in a bowl. 

The combination of toppings that make it so addictive ; the rich and flavorful of chicken broth, the chicken cubes, the lemongrass, pangsit, and sambal on the side. Ouch ! nothing can beat the gratification of devouring a hot bowl of chicken noodle on a cool day. It's so yummy ~

Although sometimes I find myself craving for spicy noodle, hohooo. There are too many flavours and brand of instant noodles, but only two of them are my favorite. For me, no bowl of noodles is ever complete without the addition of nugget stick, fishball, boiled egg, and a sliced of cayenne pepper. Huuuaaahhh ! It's so scrumptious. Hmmm... I just can't hide my love for noodle, hahahaaa...

Oh ya, I remember something. I often spend my night in Surabaya with this drink. It's name wedang ronde. You know what makes it taste so great ? Because it contains sugar palm fruit and peanut filled glutinous rice balls soaked inside ginger. I've ever read that the fresh ginger has the ability to raise body temperature, and right ! it keep me warm when the weather gets cold. It makes a whole lot of refreshing. You should try it.

So, what kind of food and drink you love to eat on rainy days ? Share them all with me :)

(Photo by : IPhone 7 plus)