August 1, 2017

How Good The iPhone 7 Plus Camera ?

Few days ago, I used the iPhone 7 plus as my camera on trips to Jogjakarta. I was able to get some shots and safe several pictures. Taking pictures in low light situation is difficult to me, but with the iPhone 7 plus autofocuses, I have the confidence to say that the camera didn't dissapoint. The images is not grainy. I can take high quality low light shots with the iPhone 7 plus as I would have if I had my Canon PowerShot with me.

Actually I don't have much experience in photography. But I was pleasantly surprised. It works well. I have some beautiful shots at my brother's graduation. You also should be curious to test it and see.  As a smartphone, so far iPhone 7 plus takes great photos. Let's check this photo out...

Capture The Moment of My Brother's Graduation with The iPhone 7 Plus

Taking My Mom's Picture in Low Light Situation with The iPhone 7 Plus