May 9, 2017

Berkata Baik atau Diam

Last night I was try asking myself about three random question that lately often popped up in my head : Who is an "educated" people ? Does high education make them have a good manners ? Does being high educated absolutely makes their lives happy ?

Bob Sadino (Photo by Kompas/Subur Tjahjono)

I think there's no link between education level with our manners and happiness. Having good manners and having a higher education are differents things. Level of education maybe helps you get a better job. You will be paid a higher salary for your work and high skills, and more likely to get sizeable trust from most people. But how can they still respect you if you don't respect them ???

Susi Pudjiastuti (Photo by Google)

Dahlan Iskan (Photo by JPNN)

We don't need a Master Degree or even a High School Diploma to not throwing garbage anywhere, to not verbally offending others, to speak your mind without being hurtful, to be responsible for your thing has to do, to not finding faults, and to appreciating those around you. Believe that, whatever you do, good or bad, will come back to you someday. So just try something good. 

Apparently... there are many people seems like educated people but they were unable to keep their words always good. Look up most of corruptors in Indonesia, they have an outstanding education  ! There are also most famous people born in this country doesn't have special degrees but they have good manners and her/his life story inspires a lot of people, have a look at those photos ! You know why ??? It's because IMAN,  confidence to be better.

It's little bit upsetting when I saw someone who claimed to be a good Muslim but when she speaks often hurts. YES ! I truly understand that different people are in different IMAN. Our IMAN also was not stable as we want to be. Sometimes fluctuates according to our heart condition. We as Muslim shouldn't harm other people, especially other Muslim. We should be careful to protect our mouth. With IMAN, we know that Allah SWT listen our words and watch our thoughts, so we will always keep both of them.

I agree everyone should have a good manners, including me. I don't claim myself to be already had a good manners here. But I'll keep trying my best. I would prefer to keep quiet than talk something stupid. Let's helping each other for our IMAN stay constantly to be a better human being. Because whatever we do are reflected in IMAN...