May 16, 2017

Bellagio Shoes

Are we still talking about shoes ? Hahahaaa. Yes ! I love to complete my shoe collection. But buying shoes is not as simple as most people think. So we need so much times to try and choose them. I should confirm that the shoe exactly fit on my feet because they will be worn to complete my outfit and "walk" happily ever after with me.

Farewell Gift from My Friend

Actually this shoe is a gift from my good friend at work. She gave me this as a farewell gift (2014) because she was leaving for a new job. Hay Yovita, thank you so much ! She really know that wear heels is a big problem for me, lol. So she gave me a pair of shoe like this. It's a kind of Loafer shoe by Bellagio, semi leather shoe which comfortable to wear when working. I love the color and I usually put on this shoe with maxi skirt hijab & super long sock, and long sleeve shirt.

My Second Bellagio Shoes Collection

The second collection, my husband brings to me this Bellagio shoe as a part of our marriage. He knows that brown is my favorite color. He knows that I don't like wearing high heels with pointe toe which can make my toe hurts, so taaa-daaa he has chosen this for me, thanks so much yaaa ! It was a little too small for my big feet but it's okey. I wear it on special occasion only. I swear, it's so cute !