April 4, 2017

Chocolate Fondue Haagen Dazs

Pak Arif is a person who loves to dip food into bangkok sauce, ketchup, or anything else. He also loves to dip his crackers into Nutella melted chocolate. Including me, I love a moment when I dip my food into chocolate. Yeah, fondue means a chocolate fondue and nothing else. It's a fondue pot of chocolate with amazing ice cream and fruit to dip in it. With fondue, there's such a sweet and romantic moment. There's something so luxurious about melted chocolate over fruits, cake, and ice cream. I got mine off Haagen Dazs

Ooopsss... I made an embarrassing moment at that time. Maybe I just excited, I didn't realize when the chocolate sticking around my teeth and dripping down on my lips. Ooh thank goodness... my husband is cleaning up drops of the chocolate quickly, lol. It has to be festive and fun moment for us.

Like any other scoop, the mini scoops of Haagen Dazs ice cream were really nice and the cake was scrumptious as well and tasted even better when dipped in the chocolate. Just makes me wonder, how expensive this dessert actually is, lol.