March 31, 2017

Salmon Steak and Grilled Tuna

Whoooaaa... The weather in Solo has been very hot actually. And do you know what I love about this weather ? Yeah... I want to make a pretty big deal with salmon and tuna, lol. I have to be in the mood for it. When the last weekend, me and my husband go together to find them for our lunch. We recently had the opportunity to try some new salmon and tuna dishes. And I would proclaim it so scrumptious.

Salmon Marinate

Grilled Tuna

Salmon and Tuna. It has to look better than everything else on the menu. My husband (who hates salmon) said it was good. It has the perfect balance of sweet and savory flavor. The sweetness of the honey with the salty soy sauce went perfectly well. (You can check another Salmon Steak Marinate at Ninety-Nine Bistro & Terrace )

Grilling any type of fish always yields to a scrumptious food. And tuna is my favorite type of fish for grilling. Even I love grilled tuna, choose for the best tuna dishes is certainly a concern to me personally, because the price has me feeling a little sick, lol. So don't let the wrong choices. Well, the grilled tuna is just the best ! No wonder cats also love tuna so much, lol.

Heavenly.... !