January 8, 2017

Sate Padang - Sederhana Padang Restaurant Solo

Just wondering how many people love to eat Padang cuisine, including me. Whenever I feel hungry and more confused about what I want to eat, the first came to my mind is Ayam PopSoto PadangSate Padang, Beef Rendang, and Dendeng Balado, lol. The star dish of Padang cuisine. 

It's remind me when I lived in Surabaya, Padang cuisine is almost everyday food for me and Surya Gemilang is my favorite spot to get this.

Well... The last time I ate Padang cuisine with my husband after he had finished the trial of his thesis was two weeks ago at Sederhana Padang Restaurant Solo. We didn't order any food displayed on platters or buffet style. Just Sate Padang and Martabak on our list.  

Sate Padang

Without waiting any longer, one portion of Sate Padang was came. One serving of Sate Padang consists of half skewers of beef. It would have been delicious with pieces of 'Ketupat', flushed with yellowish thick hot gravy, and sprinkled with fried onions on the top. It has a different flavor and gravy with another satay that commonly we ate. 

Sate Padang's gravy appears to be so thick, soft texture, creamy, and spicy. But I usually add the cassava chips to make it so scrumptious. Oh My Goodness !!! The flavor really amazed me. Too spicy on my tounge but super yummy. It is better than what we had from the other Padang restaurant. Yesss... I'm completely in love with this Sate Padang.