January 9, 2017

Pisang Gapit Balikpapan, The Scrumptious Idea to Enjoy Banana

For me, banana always perfect eaten with more ways. Slice into ice cream, blended into oats, flushed it with caramel gravy, make banana chips, or consumed it immediately before meal. Whatever I want. But wait... if you're someone who didn't excited to eat banana, I feel it's time for you to explore and modify the banana in a new look.

Pisang Gapit... These are the kind of half-baked banana that make you keep ordering back for more. The bananas that has been baked and flat with wooden clamp, then cut into small pieces and doused in sweet thick sauce. The sweet taste of the sauce goes extremely well with these half-baked banana, which makes it different from the other banana like banana chocolate cheese.

Brown sugar, coconut milk, and small pieces of jackfruit are the ingredients of the sauce of pisang gapit. Flushing it on the banana, go ahead and just eat this with a spoon. A new idea to eat banana and it will explode in your mouth :)