January 29, 2017

If You Don't Take Care of Yourself, How do You Take Care of Your Loved One

Every Sunday, we were out from the 'hectic' world and give ourselves a quality time. Like this day, today was a slow day for me. I spent a very happy Sunday with my husband. It brought us so much joy. 

Woke up before Subuh, prayer in mosque, head off to traditional market, cooking, washing clothes, cleaned up the house, breakfast at our favorite food stall, and then headed to our local shopping center. My husband and I decided that it was fair, it was needed, and in order for me to continue being the best woman and wife I could be, xoxoxooo. Start taking a moment. Yes ! We need to nurture ourselves.

Me and My Kind-Hearted Husband

Yeah, I feel so many things I'm seeing around me are irritating my mind, annoying, making me want to angry. Act of injustice. I realized that is not what I want to ever do. I was raised to stand up to what I believe in. I'm trying really hard to keep my words out of my blog, out of Facebook, out of Instagram, and out of Twitter. Then I've found it extremely difficult to say nothing and so I have.

I tried to refrain and I'm looking back. I do realize that Allah SWT has given me so many blessing in my life and our marriage life. This is the one reason I'm being grateful even if around things aren't perfect. Yeah, God always sends the right things and the beautiful moments into our lives at the right time. 

I tried to make a hard effort to only write and post positive, inspiring, and happy, day by day on my social media. Not debate and not being offended for someone else. So that I continue on this road I'm on. I feel better just writing something good, happy, a beautiful thing on my blog which tells me I'm on the right path. 

Have a Wonderful Blessed Sunday Everyone ~