January 10, 2017

Fish & Chips

I've had a conversation with my friend who continuing on to PhD program in the UK about the British meal. To be honest, I was a little surprised. She told me most of British people eat a lot of potatoes for breakfast everyday. Sausages, baked beans, burger, mushrooms, and cereal also commonly eaten at breakfast. There's sounds like fast-food meals for us who lived in Indonesia. But more surprising is they do love their Fish & Chips in one plate which is one of the most expensive food for Indonesian.

Well, have you ever tried Fish & Chips ?  My friend said that there's nothing more British than Fish & Chips, oh wooow. Fish & Chips looks like fried fish and french fries. Fresh fish fillets and fried potatoes set to one side.

New York Fish & Chips

I find Fish & Chips on the menu at Fish & Co Restaurant, it's name New York Fish & Chips. I immediately ordered it for my dinner. The dory fillets has a good taste and smooth texture. It also has an unique presentation, it serves in a pan-frying with creamy white sauce

But I think it's not recommend for the daily menu, because we must having to pay a lot for this. Only for special occasion :)