December 6, 2016

'Eat & Eat' Food Market Surabaya

Indonesia is famous in its street food. Indonesia also has many food markets and food stall which sells the street food with simple and attractive package. Especially in some of the larger city like Surabaya. They offers so many culinary option, the various different foods like Indonesian traditional food, snack and beverage.

When I was in Surabaya, I experienced several times culinary adventure at 'Eat & Eat' food court. The place where few people would gather to dining or office workers on their lunch break while also enjoying Indonesia's street food. They also offers Japanese food and other western food. But they are still the best to offer the more traditional options such as Mie Aceh Pasar Peunayeung and Pisang Goreng Sambal Roa

I realize that this sounds like hyperbole, but I'm quite serious. As a visitor to a restaurant or food court, my primary interest is very likely going to be food. The secondary is the unique and good design of that place. It's very clean and unique food court. Really good place to eat good food with reasonable prices. I love the design in this place. I see all the people here generally enjoying themselves with the peace atmosphere, including me. The good place to eat authentic traditional food as we are often eat at sidewalk stall, but it feels like eating in a middle and upper class restaurant.

One of The Unique Spot in 'Eat & Eat' Food Court

  • Ice Cream
Sometimes ice cream was most memorable because it was the first time I had it. I love this ice cream because it's so colorful, sweet, cold, and unforgettable taste. I just managed every single detail of this ice cream before exhausted in my mouth, lol.

  • Mie Aceh
There are 4 specify of Mie Aceh ; Mie Aceh Goreng with US Beef, Mie Aceh Goreng with Prawn, Mie Aceh Goreng Basah, and Mie Aceh Vegetarian. I'm in love with the curry sauce because it was delicious. It served with a few pieces of shrimp, emping, and sprinkled with fried onions. 

Mie Aceh Goreng Basah with Prawn

  • Cakwe
One of popular dish & my favorite snacks on 'Eat & Eat' is cakwe, Chinese fried bread made with wheat flour as basic ingredient and it is ate with watery sour chilly sauce. But the cakwe commonlly sold in traditional market is original cakwe, eaten without sauce. Other variant like shrimp cakwe and mayonaise cakwe also good to accompany us for snack-time.

Cakwe (Chinese Fried Bread)

  • Pisang Goreng Sambal Roa
They use Pisang Kepok or Pisang Raja because it's popular kind of banana used for fried bananas. This fried banana usually eaten with Sambal Roa (Manadonese's Chilli Sauce) made from Roa smoked fish. Pisang Goreng Sambal Roa is best eaten when freshly fried. It's delicious with smoky flavour from the fish. I love it...

Pisang Goreng Sambal Roa

You know... I'll always eat foods that mean something to me :)