November 20, 2016

Wonderful Birthday Surprise

Dear Arif Ipunk...

You know... One of my happiest moment is when I spend my birthday together for the first time (and now the second time) with you. It was a wonderful birthday !

I was so surprised to find out that you had a little extra time to plan this sweet surprise on your busy day and would be one to remember for my birthday. I'm surprised because there are an unexpected and pleasant gift for me. You gave me two little boxes. What's that ???

When I opened the box I have to feel that I was nervous. Inside the box was a delicious New York Cheese Cake with the words 'Happy Birthday My Wife', lol. The other box, awh... a sweater from one of my favorite clothing store. Thank you. We laughed about it for half-hour, eating J-POP Baby Donuts, drinking avocado coffee and almond yogurth. And of course, make a wish together.

One year and half later, and our love continue to grow. I'm so thankful that I get to call you mine, my husband. You've taught me what unconditional love is. This life journey with you is a rich blessing and there's no one else I would want to be by my side. I'm proud of being your wife.

Little Surprise Package from My Man

You are my best friend, my partner of life, my other half, my prayer partner, my number one supporter. Thank you for being all that and more. The many things you do to make my life complete. 

Love, Your Wife...