October 5, 2016

The Best Food on Rainy Day

The raining outside for the past few days has been the perfect moment that mostly keep us indoors, staying inside and getting cozy with the whole family or our partner than indulging in conversation about dream, hope, and the best foods we like eating on rainy days.

If summer is synonymous with ice cream, than the rainy season is all about something hot. Yap... For me there's nothing more better than slurping the warm's food on rainy day. Hot meals that will warm me up and brighten up my mood !

Hot Beef Soup


Ah... here in Solo (Indonesia) it is almost rain falls every night (afternoon until night), really really raining, not stop showering. The weather like this makes me almost hungry, lol. I'm naturally in the mood for something warm and familiar ; soup, bakso (meatball soup), or noddle. Soupy, spicy, and slurpy are my favorite ways to eat. Then curl up on the bed with the movie on favorite's youtube channel or listen to Dave Koz and Charlie Puth. It's such a perfect combination...

Go ahead and enjoy the rain with being warm inside :)