October 2, 2016

My Personal Philosophy of Food and Life (Part II)

Actually... changing the way that I ate was so hard. It was a massive change for me. My food had revolved around steak, seafood, french fries, donut, chocolate, ice cream, cola, and eating way too much processed junk food. I didn't worry much about food until I've been married. Yap... I was also a real sugar monster, i had never eaten vegetables, and of course i couldn't really cook before. It'd be really hard for me to meet up with friends, where everyone would be having salad toppings, lol.

At the right moments, I give myself permission to eat all my favorite foods. I don't spend times for creating elaborate meal plans. I'll always appreciate my life with eat whatever I want. Enjoy all my foods and don't get distracted by anyone or anything. Just put what I want in my mouth without calculations and so much of the rules. But now I try not eat junk food (wish me luck) and sometimes prefer cooking at home or heating up food that I bought from food store.

I always start a meal with drink a glass of fresh water. Rice will never be the main part of my foods for breakfast, sometimes just a bowl of hot soup (soto). I just increase a fresh piece of fruits (rujak) at lunch time. 5.30 pm almost being time for me to eat dinner but depends on when I had lunch.

But finally I believe for every food I eat will reflecting how I think and how I look. Not only will full my body with the right amount of energy but I also feel so much better all day long. So, i began with different methods to balance between not sacrificing foods I loved and try to being healthy. Be happy and smile a lot :)

Wish me Luck ! :)