October 1, 2016

My Personal Philosophy of Food and Life

Today's post, I would like to share with you about my personal philosophy of food and life. Maybe nothing about it will be new and maybe you've hard it so many times before.

My ideal food is much like my ideal home. I love make my home always clean and tidy. So I love to eat something that looks good, tastes good, smelled good, and clean. Why something look good ??? For me, good presentation leads to more enjoyable meal. Because someday, I want the food I give to my parents and my husband look so beautiful :)

Sometimes I'm not sure that food with beautiful presentation makes the food taste better. Dependent on my perception and expectations, actually. But the beautiful presentation of the plating makes a memorable impression. The presentation in plating makes the experience of food more than just eating and enjoying, but rather to respecting the food. It's truly do mean a lot to the overall my culinary experience. 

"Taste" is the first factor for me to appreciate the beauty of good food. The sensation I feel when I eating a bowl of ice cream, a plate of fruit salad, or one portion of padang cuisine. It's not only has taste (sweet, tasteful, spicy, or others) but also has complex ingredients that give it unique identity. It's more yummy than I might think.

Padang Cuisine

Beauty Presentation of Ice Cream

Fruit Salad (Rujak)

And I should be able to take care of my body. If I don't eat clean and healthy food, at the end all my hard work was going to waste, it doesn't matter how health I'm. I always listening to my body and being flexible for it. I mean that what my body need on Monday could be different from what my body need on Sunday. For example, If I need eat breakfast before beginning my housework on Monday, I'll do it. Because Monday is a crowd day for me, lol.

Eat clean, eat in a relaxed place, drink fresh water, eat before hungry and stop it before full. Keep active daily in my favorite ways ; blogging, reading, keep my home clean all day long. And start my day with make a good relationship with my God and the people around me. Be grateful for whatever I have.

Well, this is my personal philoshopy of food and life...