October 18, 2016

Mocktails Really Do Cool You Down in Hot Weather

When the super hot weather has come, I've got the first thing in my mind when it comes to drink. Some fresh drinks which good to cool down. Fresh mineral water or Mocktails. Yeah, I'm a Muslim and I don't drink alcohol. So I just enjoy Mocktails ; something sparkling, sweet fruity flavor, and a tasty refreshing drink. Did you know Mocktails ? it's an alcohol-free cocktails. 

Here my favorite refreshing Mocktails for the hot day perhaps you should try !

  • I still remember the first time I tried Virgin Mojito at EATernity Solo. I seriously fall in love with this refreshing mocktail. I absolutely loved it. One of the best mocktail that I've ever tasted. The wonderful combination of few mint leaves and lemon slice or lime juice. It's so light and super fresh...

Virgin Mojito 

  • I love a drink with infusing fresh fruit and herbs like mint leaves or basil. But my favorite is mint leaves. I think mint leaves is a best addition to a fresh juice, fresh tea, or Mocktails. I've decided to call this the best hot day cooler.

Mint Juice

  • It's a delicious of Vitamin C. Blend of orange juice and lime. The magical of colour and flavor. This look like pure perfection ! 

I hope you enjoyed the fresh looking photos of the Mocktails, lol...