October 13, 2016

Life had a lot of Flavor. So What Life Flavor will You Choose ???

Ice cream is one of the many desserts that everybody's favorite. And one of the best foods to put ice cream on it is crisp waffle. Yap... the crisp waffle and cold vanilla ice cream are the perfect combination. They were so perfect on their own. I know ... everyone would react with full face of happy when they eat waffle and ice cream. Including me :)

Ehm... may i asked you something ? what do you really really want more than anything else in this world ? Great job, a lot of money, big house, luxury cars, travel around the world, beautiful wife, handsome husband, or what ? I think all of you would answering with health, happy, and a peaceful life. Am I right ???

And have you ever felt like you were constantly busy and you don't know where were all of your time going ???

Like waffle and ice cream, life also had a lot of flavors, isn't all chocolate (happy) and caramel (super happy). Life also had a lot of struggle and a long journey to organize our life and to survive. Simple, I always start my day with do something that makes me HAPPY. Sometimes i making a list of everything i'd like to done for a day, in my mind. You know what ??? it was gave me so much peace of heart and mind :)

So what life flavor will you choose ??? If you had to choose one flavor, what would it be ???