October 16, 2016

Food and Date Night

It's been just over a year since I've explored about my culinary journey also my perspective of food and eat. Sure, the people who really knows me understand that I really concern about the foods what I would to eat and I've always been interested in eating good food. I just loved and consumed everything to do with food. I can never stop talking about food and everything in between. Yeah... date night.

Hey... what's about heading to brunch, dined out, or date night with someone you love ??? Your wife or husband, your brother or sister, your kids, etc. Going somewhere, share a good food and having a good time totally together.

I like to be able to sit around a table and eat with my parents or now with my husband. Being in one table together united us not just physically but also emotionally. Eat together makes us always feel good, the moment when me and my husband out together. We started such a great conversation. As often as possible we continue to make eating out together special when we can. Wedding anniversary dinner and birthday dinner are always the best moment for us taken out of the home. It's always so much fun.

We didn't take too many photos during our date night, but here's the few I did take...

You know this place so well, lol

Dine out at EATernity Solo

Just Spending Time Together at Dante Coffee

Just focus on his jumper, lol