October 22, 2016

Culinary Adventurous with Vegan Foods

Honestly... I grew up in a family where the majority of people love to eat animal halal products. Chicken, beef and fish of every meal. I never expected to become a vegan because going vegan would be difficult. It's too hard. I'm not sure I could ever be a best vegan. But at some moments I really enjoying my protein with fruit frozen yogurth and my vitamine with juice or my favorite fruit.

My vegan friend in Surabaya invites me to dinner at the specialist restaurant for vegetarian dining. There are a lot of meals that have surprised me ; it seems like the meat even though it's made by vegetables. I'm eating new food. I feel more culinary adventurous. There are offers most menu have vegetarian options. I choose the nice one Vegetable Spring Rools. I think it's look likes Crisp Lumpia and I love it.

Eating vegan meal doesn't mean I'm a vegetarian. I'm just trying how the delicious vegan foods. Actually, I just want living in "normal" lifestyle with "halal" food such as the guidance of my religion. Go out to dinner and not have to look up the book menu to make sure I love everything there. Forgive me, I don't need anyone loves the foods that I should and shouldn't be eating. I just believe in a good relationship with healthy and halal foods.

Well... Go eat the halal beef and don't drink alcohol. Understand that there are some habits that are maybe just good for you and bad for others, vice versa. Just be whatever I (you) want to be and eat whatever I (you) want to eat...