October 17, 2016

Coffee : Needs or Lifestyle ?

It's true ! Now we growing up in a world where coffee is more than just a beverage. More than just a caffeine. More than just a habit. It's a part of lifestyle. Not just the expensive coffee that we get, but also a happiness, because it was served in a beautiful place which can make us feel comfortable with the atmosphere. Catch up with friends and talk about our day or discuss business.

The coffee cafe is one of so many place favored by most people, including me and almost of my dearest friend. The truth to be told, I actually enjoyed the place where I can drink while conversing, enjoy a cake and drink, people-watching, and got so many idea to write. I feel that I was more productive when I working outside. Yeah... i prefer drink blended coffee with superb cream on the top, Caramel Macchiato :)

Aha... My husband is the person whose addicted with coffee. His coffee time is about 6 am and 5 pm for everyday. He proudly say that coffee is a part of himself. He has come to grown extremely fond of having a cup of coffee to accompany him and there are some positive long-term effect that coffee can give on his body. It's can help boost his mood and sometimes make him smarter, lol. Coffee is always on his menu. He just prefer drink it black and enjoy every last drop, Jelaaas Lebiiih Enaaak.... :D